Healthy habits and lifestyles are paramount both to enjoy a better mood, as well as to medical conditions. In fact, it can even prevent the agglomeration of malignant cells and decrease the risk of cancer. We have already talked enough about the parameters that we must include in our life to obtain benefits exercise, eat healthy and sleep at least 8 hours. However, today in our space we will refer to cancer, fat and a study in charge of relating both factors.

Woman with breast cancer awareness ribbon

What is cancer?

Despite being considered as a condition, cancer is not a single disease. This is divided into different types. However, before mentioning the most relevant, we will talk a little about what it is. It is the accumulation and excessive and abnormal growth of the cells, compared to the rest. This process can be performed in any region of the body. It is also called a tumor and its main function is to invade the surrounding tissues.

Types of cancer

Although they are part of the same disease, cancer is divided into different types depending on the area in which they appear. The most recognized are the colon, prostate, lung or breast, among others. In addition, cancer of one organ can spread to others and form metastases. The body is made up of different types of fats. These accumulate in the body as reserves of adipose tissue. However, what do we call fat?

It is a global concept to enclose different kinds of lipids. It can be considered  negative depending on the amount housed in the body. Provide heat to the whole body it is considered as the most relevant task of fat accumulated in it. Participate in the metabolism and support various internal organs.

Relationship between fat and cancer

The fat in the body represents great importance for the subsistence, not only of the majority of animals, but also of the human being. However, as often happens with everything, in excess can harm the organism. Thus, the amount of this, as well as its location in the organism, will determine if its function is positive or not. When it is housed in the surroundings of the waist, the probabilities of contributing negatively increase considerably.

According to a study published on May 23 in the British Journal of Cancer the relationship between fat and cancer is very wide especially considering the waist as its main shelter. Our findings show that both body mass index (BMI) and body fat can be good indicators of obesity-related cancer risk a scientist with the International Agency for Research on Cancer Of Cancer Research.

Broadly speaking, this study stated that 11 inches more waist increase the risk with respect to cancer associated with obesity by 13 percent. However, this area of ​​the body is not the only one associated with the problem, but the hips are also a determining part.

A fat accumulation of 7.8 centimeters in that part of the body increases the chances of cancer by 15 percent. Firstly, this research fulfills the objective of knowing more about the risks of this disease. The idea is to provide information to the community in general to take the necessary action in this regard. It is important for people to be informed about ways to reduce the risk of cancer said Dr. Julie Sharp, health information officer for the same research agency.