Tarantulas are not as dangerous as many believe. They can use their Beißwerkzeug not penetrate deeply into the skin. Their venom has on people about the effects of a bee sting, if there is no allergy.

Who has not learned from the media, that somewhere in our part of a poisonous snake has emerged, whose origin is unknown. Dangerous Pets for some pet owners are a special challenge because they are fascinating and very special. Whether it can go out and the danger of such exotics, explain the animal experts at the pet store chain.


Tarantulas are relatively harmless. They can use their Beißwerkzeug not penetrate deeply into the skin. Their venom has on people about the effects of a bee sting, if no allergy exists. The black widow spider venom can, with their claws to enforce stronger people.

Poison dart frogs are so poisonous that their skin secretions can even kill people. This happens only if the substance gets into the bloodstream. Much more likely is the contact with the skin, which may cause skin irritation. Who buys these frogs from offspring, exposes himself to danger, since they produce no poison. Even wild imports would lose in the terrarium within a few months their poison, because they include it in the nature of the food and save.

Poisonous snakes with their paralyzing toxin usually the bodies of their prey or they poison their body cells. Depending on the toxicity of the snake strikes a bite to humans and also provides for, inter alia, paralysis, difficulty breathing, swelling, pain, muscle damage or impaired blood clotting. Has a snake bitten, is see a doctor immediately, regardless of whether it is classified as toxic or not. In some courses are offered in which snake-lovers can learn the safe handling of poisonous snakes. In aquaria pull toxic fish such as lionfish or rays of their owners spell. Both put their poison only when they feel threatened, but what can happen when handling the pelvic care quite. While the venom of Rotfeuerfisches pain and discomfort, but not fatal, a sting of Skate are very dangerous.


Endangered wild animals covered by the Endangered Species Act. If there is ever allowed to introduce this and keep the owner must meet certain requirements. Arrangements to house animals that are dangerous, can make the states themselves. Perhaps you are at a reporting requirement, you must provide proof of proficiency and place the open housing conditions. Information, please contact the competent national authorities, such as the Conservation Authority or Veterinary Services.