Smoking is very harmful – this fact is now well aware of them. Relatively unknown, however, is still the negative impact of smoking on eye health.

Smokers put their own health, as well as the health of their environment, at great risk. The negative impact on the body are many and daunting. For years, attempts to counteract the powerful tobacco industry and the people make clear the risks of smoking. Many countries are moving towards drastic Advertising, also in Austria have for some time the cigarette packages with health consequences of smoking will be provided.


Just wondering Non smoking often, how in spite of the generally known risks may continue to reach for a cigarette. Conflict situations also arise from the fact that damage smoking in public places and Non smoking. A tolerant coexistence is particularly difficult in this case. The new laws regarding smoking in restaurants illustrate the problem. Smoking is an addiction pure and simple, and as such does not play down.

Smoking causes blindness

The health consequences of smoking are an important topic of research. Many consequences are now almost proved, and the population is relatively well informed about the risk. Recent studies do, however, draw attention to another shocking damage to the body – on the relationship between smoking and eye disease.
Sun smokers take for example a double risk of developing age-related macular degeneration. This eye disease is one of the older generation to the most common form of the disease and is negatively influenced by smoking. Harmful affects it mainly the reduced blood flow to the eye. Generally leads to smoke damage to the retina and promotes all the factors that pose a risk to the already eye health.

Particularly damaging is the handle for a cigarette for diabetics. Studies show that smoking may occur as a result of the eye and kidney damage. Smoking damages the small blood vessels and has a negative effect on the circulation. This in turn can be of great importance to the eye, because disturbances lead to eye disease. Diabetics are more at risk from House of developing a retinal lesion. If they also disrupt the flow of blood caused by smoking, mutatis mutandis, the danger of the disease continues.

Education and Prevention

The link between smoking and blindness in the population is still unknown. So still is the elucidation of crucial importance. The warning “Smoking causes blindness’ is required for cigarette packs. Generally have an understanding of eye diseases are even greater, for example, macular degeneration in the population is relatively unknown. In connection with the investigation will be advised of the risk factors of which smoking is clearly the beeinflussbarste version. Indeed, contrary to nature and age can influence the risk factor of smoking is very good. Is recommended in any case, even from general health concerns, quit smoking completely. For the purposes of prevention is recommended for smokers while better than later to make the final drug. Can be reduced then after stopping smoking the risk of blindness after ten years and only after some twenty years to go out again the values ​​of a nonsmoker.