The correction of refractive errors by LASIK has existed for many years. What is this treatment?

For about 800 years, eyeglasses are used to correct an existing visual impairment, since this is a very serious and sensitive in daily life debilitating disability. But with glasses not the causes, but only the symptoms are treated and one should not forget that the external appearance of a person is changed dramatically by glasses. Regarding the last point, one can as an alternative for several decades contact lenses fall. Here, however, to note that not everyone tolerates such a foreign body in the eye. Also, a sudden loss of one or more lenses, depending on the refractive error, restrict the person sensitive.

A laser eye treatment, however is to ensure that you can completely do without any corrective lenses after surgery. Everyone can judge for themselves what impact this has on the quality of life. The technology of laser eye surgery are now available for many years, since the methods are very sophisticated: the number of people worldwide who have successfully undergone laser eye surgery, is 17 million. Anyone who takes the opportunity to be considered to have carried out such a treatment should choose exactly the number of offers in the run with professionals such as ophthalmologists information. As everywhere need not be the best for the cheapest option, because this is ultimately to their own eyesight.


The Eye Clinic iQGEN in Cologne

In Cologne and the surrounding area but also far beyond, enjoying the eye clinic iQGEN, which is native to the Bonner st 16 50677 Cologne, a very good reputation. The clinic is equipped with the latest technology and the senior physician Dr. Otto Georg Untermaubach has over 12 years experience in this field. In addition to laser surgery, the clinic offers a wide range of ophthalmic services, from screening and comprehensive diagnostic services to lens implants and aesthetic laser treatments.

What treatments are used in laser eye surgery used?

The Eye Clinic offers iQGEN with LASIK, LASEK, PRK and EPI-LASIK on the full range of current treatment methods. Which method is in use depends on many factors, such as the thickness of the cornea or whether the patient has dry eyes. In any case, the treatment method is chosen, where the chances of success are greatest and at the same time providing the highest security. The last point should play a decisive role in the selection of the provider.