The eye health is often taken lightly, even though the eyes are very important sense organs. With a little caution can prevent disease well.

Two factors have long been regarded as particularly sensitive in terms of eye diseases: age and genetic predisposition. These two can not by itself affect humans, but certainly a number of other factors, which in modern times are becoming a problem. Overload, over-stimulation of the eyes are drying out and new people of diseases caused by long computer work, artificial lighting and sunlight aggressive. Completely avoid them sources of danger is not very well but you can minimize its adverse effects with appropriate measures strongly.


Risk factor VDU

With a little care we can protect our eyes from excessive stress in everyday life. One factor that is important for more people, the screen work. Often we forget to pause for the eye. At the latest after two hours you should treat yourself to a break of ten to fifteen minutes. In addition, the interval of blinking decreases by looking at the monitor. Therefore, they should include more aware of times the eye and thereby stimulate the tear fluid. Dry eyes are too many for an ever-increasing problem.

Also of importance is the design of the workplace and the proper positioning of the equipment. For the eye is extremely important, an adequate and evenly distributed illumination of the workplace. Here, the computer monitor should never stand in front of a window, because the brightness contrasts are harmful to the eye. It should be more likely to have the window in the back or set up the monitor at right angle to the window. Reflections of light on the monitor should be avoided as well, because they irritate the eye.

Other measures of prevention

A short break for the eyes is generally a good idea. Artificial lighting and too many charms our eye strain in everyday life. Cover her eyes with her hands in the short term, because darkness and heat have a healing effect. Proper lighting is also important not only in the workplace. Especially visually impaired and elderly people have an increased need for light. Adequate lighting of the environment improves the eyesight and also increases the well-being. Important words for a healthy climate are light: glare, light color, high brightness and flicker.

In addition, living spaces should always have a balanced humidity and are regularly supplied with fresh air. Negative impacts of cigarette smoke in any case, if possible, you should avoid those areas. Protect it from excessive drafts must, because this will dry out the eye. They should also direct their eyes never a fan, how about suspended in cars, planes, etc. exist. In sport, the eye can be loaded. Basically, however, sport is good for eye health because it stimulates the blood flow to the eye.

Beware of UV rays

As part of the eye health care, one should not forget to protect the eye from UV radiation. Like our skin, the eye is very sensitive to direct radiation. The only remedy appropriate sun protection glasses, which reduces glare and protects against the rays. The glasses should cover the eye and provide good protection at the edge. In addition, solar control glasses bear a mark to guarantee the effective UV protection.

Commercially widespread, but very dangerous, are tinted glasses without UV protection. These lead to widening of the pupils and it can penetrate even more harmful UV light. Sun protection glasses should absorb UV radiation at least to fifty percent and can by a tint additionally protect from light sensitivity. Pay attention when buying a pair of sunglasses is essential to ensure quality with regard to the defense of the sunlight and give them better for the sake of their eyes a little more of it – because it makes financial sense for your eyes and vision.