Anyone looking for a quick way to lose weight tested is everywhere find it in newspaper ads in women’s magazines, in lifestyle magazines, in pharmacies and drugstores around the corner or on the internet with the help of enzymes, fiber, appetite inhibitors, so-called “fat burners” or laxatives to lose a few pounds to be brought to bay.

The DGE puts it: slimming supplements or magic formula for losing weight reduce the budget rather than the waist. Weight loss diets can not use a flash, forcing powders to mix or appetite suppressants. Those who have only the dream figure in mind, constantly counts calories, it’s all Delicious, yet only about food bans thinks is possibly his life on the “hunger trip.” The long-term promising route to lasting weight loss can be achieved by a change in eating and drinking behavior in a balanced and nutritious diet and a change of movement pattern. Foremost among these is the reflection of one’s own behavior in order to detect nutritional deficiencies. More vegetables, fruits and whole grains, low fat versions of milk and dairy products, meat and meat products and the integration of sports and exercise are a good start.


Quickly remove much, but just as quickly reach the initial weight and more that characterizes flash or crash diets. Mono diets, such as rice, potatoes, eggs or pineapple diet, fasting, food combining and other diets have one thing in common: they are very different from the usual eating and drinking. Therefore, they are carried out only a few days to a maximum of four weeks and persevered. However, health can not be ruled out, particularly in highly energy-reduced diets with minimal protein content. And after a short time, the pointer of the scales back on the old site or even shows even more from the dream of permanent weight loss.

The situation is similar with appetite inhibitors. Some appetite suppressants and Abmagerungsmitteln is ephedrine-like substances that cause only a slight weight loss and because of their similarity to amphetamine justified by the potential for addiction and other side effects are not recommended. Is also discouraged the use of L-thyroxine, a thyroid hormone. Although this increases the metabolic rate, but does not result in a substantial reduction of fat, but primarily to a decrease in lean body mass, as muscle tissue or organs. In addition, many appetite suppressant to lose its effectiveness after prolonged dosing. After settling is again likely to gain weight.

Weight-loss medications should always (> obesity with a BMI 30 kg/m2) for massive obesity or a BMI 27 kg/m2 be used with concurrent comorbidities and only if the weight loss is not a comprehensive diet and exercise program successfully was. The drug administration should be conducted only under strict medical supervision with accompanying measures to change behavior. Currently the two drugs orlistat (Xenical ®) and sibutramine (Reductil ®) is used with a different mode of action.

As a so-called “fat burners” are substances which are to bring the breakdown of fat in the body to speed. Supposedly, melt the excess calories by increasing intake of certain vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, or special foods such as tea, pineapple, coffee, etc. there. These however lack any scientific basis. The simple fact that the energy and fat consumption can be increased by regular exercise and sport, is usually concealed. Turn out on closer inspection, the recommendations of some “fat burner diets” as a guide for a low-fat, energy-reduced mixed diet, as recommended by the DGE for weight reduction.

In medicine, the glycemic index is used to measure blood sugar rise after ingestion of carbohydrate-rich foods, and thus describes their blood glucose effectiveness. A high insulin levels in the blood makes it more difficult to reduce body fat, so the idea of ​​glycemic index diets. Propagate “GI diets,” the solution of the problem is obesity alone, the reduction of the glycemic index, the amount of energy and fat intake applies here as irrelevant. In these diets, nutritional facts with false and unsubstantiated claims are mixed. Proved correct and by experimental and epidemiological studies is that lead rapidly absorbable carbohydrates in a higher blood sugar levels and insulin secretion. In uberkalorischer fat diet this promotes synthesis and deposition primarily in the abdominal area (central obesity). The assessment of the glycemic index is ridiculous as the sole factor in weight reduction because the blood sugar effect is influenced by numerous other factors such as moisture content of food, temperature, fat and fiber content of a meal. With diets like the Montignac method at the same time extremely rich in protein and some high fat diet is recommended, which contradicts the science-based dietary recommendations.

MCT fats (medium chain triglycerides, medium chain fatty acids with 6-10 carbon atoms) are available as dietary foods for disorders of the digestive or absorption, lymph drainage, or a ketogenic diet as well as a cheap source of energy for parenteral nutrition tested for many years and recognized. Recently, MCT fats are also promoted for weight loss.

For permanent weight loss are not suitable MCT fats, says the DGE. With the use of MCTs as a coating and cooking fat can be saved up to 80-120 kcal per day, equivalent to the caloric content of a banana. This is based on an approximately 10% lower energy content compared to long chain fatty acids, also is the conversion of energy into heat comparatively higher. However, it comes with a higher consumption of side effects such as diarrhea. Because of its low smoke point MCT fats in daily cooking and frying are only partially usable. In addition, studies have shown over a period of two weeks that the advantages described in terms of energy balance through adjustment mechanisms in the metabolism in the second week of use are significantly lower.