Exercises to tone your small arms. Exercise is the main way to keep healthy. During the summer, even the arms they want their part, toned better! A particularly important point in the frequent subject of women in arms, that’s too bad, shaking hands when it comes to skin “Salt Shaker” so-called. A scandal that discourages any kind of summer wear, but can be solved with a little good will. Here at home and be a video explaining some exercises for toning the arms.

Exercises for triceps with weights

Here are some exercises for toning the triceps, which guarantee results with slight effort. Take off with the hands behind the back. Follow 12 times hands down stretching exercises. Then perform the exercise with the other arm, and repeat for three sets.


Exercises on a chair

It is only necessary to use a chair is a very simple DIY exercises to slim arms. Stand next to a chair and rest your weight on one knee and one hand. And 90 ° with the arm at the side of the body, which raised its arm, with the other leg extended stay. So must be parallel to the floor, extend your hand to the back of the shoulder. Repeat the exercise a dozen times for three sets. Then repeat it on the other side.

Exercises on the stairs

Stairs can be very useful not only for toning the legs, but the arms. Stand at the bottom of a flight of stairs by sitting with legs extended. Hands with palms down and your arms resting on the steps to be perpendicular to the body. Instead elbows are parallel and look backwards. Get up with force of arms, and lift the whole leg, so they only have supported the heel and palms of your hands. Repeat the exercise a dozen times a day.