We may seem somewhat counter intuitive, but moderate physical exercise is the best therapy to improve our quality of life if we suffer sciatic nerve pain hip or back. In case the pain is intense, it will be advisable to spend a small rest period. However, permanent immobility further intensifies this type of pathologist so common.

back pain

We cannot forget that the movement is living and active exercise promotes healthy spinal discs. The simple movement and those exercises that achieve an adequate harmony of all the structures of our spine facilitate the proper exchange of liquid and nutrients to all these delicate structures. These simple exercises will give you relief offer you better mobility and an adequate quality of life.

Butterfly position to treat sciatic, back and hip pain

As we indicated at the beginning, this type of exercise can take the place only if our hip pain, back or sciatic nerve is not intense. As the discomfort is moderate, we will perform this routine of stretches and poses which aims to improve the strength and health of our bones nerves and joints.

  • Keys carry out the posture “butterfly”
  • Sit on the floor, on a rug, with your legs open and bent.
  • Try to have the sword straight at the beginning of the exercise.
  • We should try to get the soles of the feet together.
  • Hold your ankles while you do it.
  • If you cannot reach this position, nothing happens. Day by day, we will get it, but it is convenient to go little by little.
  • Later, you can start to lean forward until you feel a slight pressure on the hip.
  • Hold for 5 seconds, relax and repeat.

This exercise is one of the most interesting to relieve sciatic nerve pain as well as back or hip. We are going to put in motion all those areas more convective and for that reason, it is very important that we are constant, that we carry out each day this exercise for 5 or 10 minutes.

  • Get on all fours on the carpet.
  • The hands should be very firm and stuck to the floor.
  • Then place the right knee after his left hand while lifting the other leg slightly to do so, you should tilt a little hip.
  • Hold this position for 10 seconds.
  • Rest and repeat the same on the other leg the knee left must be behind the right hand.

Exercises on a chair

We continue our routine with a simple exercise that you can carry out at any time of the day. Take note of the keys to each step to achieve a real benefit in the back and hip and to relieve sciatic nerve pain.

Exercise steps on the chair

  • Choose a firm and safe chair.
  • Sit a little ahead almost on the edge of the chair.
  • Place your right leg over the left so that the ankle is nearly stuck on that knee.
  • Hold a position 10 seconds take a breath and now lean forward with your back straight.
  • Repeat the same exercise with the opposite leg.
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As we have seen so far, this series of exercises can be carried out with total normality at home. The most important thing is to remember something essential: this routine does not serve only to relieve pain will allow us above all to prevent it. We realize that every day you need to find 35 minutes to carry them out. The will practice easy painless but always favoring the tension the flexibility and resilience of where the real results emerge. If you cannot get to this area, reach that point where without feeling pain you perceive that you reach the limit of your resistance. When you finish this series start with the other leg.