The exercises for lowering cholesterol have been designed specifically to help people who suffer from this condition in practice of physical activity. It ‘been scientifically proven that the fitness and sport, practiced on a regular basis, they help to significantly Lower Cholesterol and triglycerides and raising good cholesterol. These exercises simple and do not require a lot of effort and therefore can be followed even by those who are not young any more. Let’s see how to practice a bit of movement and physical activity to say goodbye to Cholesterol.


Cholesterol and physical activity, such as correlation?

And now been amply demonstrated that a constant physical activity, combined with a healthy diet and a little fat, you have the to significantly reduce cholesterol. There are so many good reasons to exercise, even for people who are no longer young. If the gym is not for you though, do not worry. You can indeed fight cholesterol simply by programming at least three times a week to ride or brisk walking, riding bicycle on a regular basis or by swimming, a complete sport and also good for the line. The secret to making sure that your efforts have the objective evidence is to be constant : in fact, the movement should be practiced every day or at least three times a week. The result will be to have muscles more toned, less stress and anxiety, and low blood pressure .

The exercises for lower cholesterol

As mentioned earlier, one of the disciplines best for lowering cholesterol certainly remember the race, the bike, the swimming and brisk walking . But there are also great exercises that you can perform at home or in the open air every day. Remember, however, that in all ages the fast walking is the best way to combat this disease. According to experts, to see the first results, it would take at least 5 days per week of moderate physical activity for 30-40 minutes or 3 days per week of physical activity with high intensity for 20-30 minutes. For moderate physical activity is defined as the brisk walk, bike or treadmill. To vigorous physical activity instead are the aerobics, the jogging , the tennis or swimming.