Get back in shape after childbirth is not always as easy as we would like but with a little perseverance and the right exercises can retrieve a enviable physical shape.

After childbirth the muscles and abdominal tissues inevitably slow some time to return to pre-pregnancy shape and it is normal during the first few weeks, when we look in the mirror, or have the feeling of being pregnant again. ‘s not forget, however, that an exercise physical well-calibrated not only help us to rescue us from giving birth and return physically to feel proud of our body, but will also benefit our self-esteem. then There’s no excuse to start an invigorating workout to streamline the abdomen, speed up your metabolism and burn fat accumulated during pregnancy. Though it is simple exercises and gentle, do not forget that before starting a fitness program after childbirth is important to seek the advice of your doctor, especially if the birth took place by caesarean section. Stage 1 – Breathing : Exercise 1 : Sit down and relax your neck. Inspired by expanding your chest and lift your shoulders without following this sequence: four seconds and eight inspiring exhaling. Repeat 5 times. Exercise 2 : Keep the same position and brings his right hand on the abdomen. Inspired deeply by pushing your belly in and mobilizing muscles breeding. Check the operations by hand.


Phase2 – resistance training : Exercise 3 : tone the upper abdomen : For this exercise you have to keep your buttocks contracts, for example, keeping a ball between your knees. Exhale lifting the chest and keep motionless for a moment. Inspired by bringing the chest to the starting position. Repeat 40 times in one minute, then relax and repeat 4 more times. Exercise 4 : strengthen the abdominal oblique : bend your knees and turn your toes outward. Bring hands behind your head and you minimize the abdomen and buttocks. Now turn your chest to the right to align your right elbow with your left knee. Repeat on both sides 60 times per minute. Exercise 5 : strengthen the lower part of the abdomen : lie down on a mat with your legs raised vertically and knees slightly bent. The neck, chest and buttocks should be well relaxed. Now you minimize your abs by lifting the buttocks and legs about 5 inches from the ground and tilt legs about 10 degrees towards the front. Exhale during exertion and inhale when you relax. Intent to perform the exercise 30 times per minute.

Exercise 6 : stretch the abdominal muscles : pr perform this exercise, lie down on your back with arms over his head. Bend your right leg before bringing your foot near the buttock. Exhale and push your leg out in claims and arms to the right. Repeat with the other leg resisting 30 seconds every time. And for those who have had a caesarean section ? In this case you can try to make the exercise of the “bridge” , which does not overload the points of Caesar and helps you tone your abs. Lie on a mat with your legs slightly bent and arms at your sides. Contract the abs to lift the buttocks, stomach and finally the shoulders. Hold the position for 10 seconds and repeat 4/8 times.