What we look for, live better in life? A response that goes straight to the lips is: happiness. Simple answer, more complicated to achieve the goal. And to discover the path that can help us to conquer this goal, what better time for a conference devoted to this issue, such as the one organized by Solgar Italy entitled” Happiness and Well-being, attainable goals by educating the mind and body? A rose of great experts such as Dr. Filippo Ongaro, Medical Nutritionist expert in anti-aging, among which it could not help but notice a female duo, consisting of mother and daughter, without which this initiative would not have taken place: we are talking about Anna Giuliani and his daughter Jade Caudullo, President and CEO of Solgar Italy.


Two women at the head of a company that is based on values, “healthy”, as the family. “In our case, career and family are inextricably linked,” says Dr. Caudullo. “One could not exist without the other, because each of us plays an extremely important role and irreplaceable, and manages through continuous sharing and continuous support to support the family. My mother is an example of continuous, and although it was not a voluntary transfer, his model was a reception inevitable.
The second key word is feminine. “Ours is a very good business,” says Dr. Giuliani, “because it declines very often women: pharmacy, medicine, ending in A are female. Femininity, knows when to be such, it is also able to create nurturing, protection, prevention, value. Because if it is true that the drug may save our lives we do not like the abuse, the pharmaceutical lobby.

But as always, prevention is better than cure. A healthy eating, a physical activity constant and a dedicated space to grow your own side “spiritual” are the foundations of well-being. Then add the pharmaceutical, or the use of certain nutrients that, when consumed in the diet or through supplements, have beneficial effects on our body.