They are the foundation of the digestive process, help to purify and are largely found in fruits and raw vegetables contain the enzymes, Power wahrliche substances from nature.

Enzymes are protein molecules that speed up chemical reactions as a catalyst. You do not have the little “helpers” of metabolism are known. Enzymes are involved in the crushing, digestion and utilization of food. By inhibiting or enhancing the enzyme activity can be actively intervened in the metabolism.

Enzymes and digestion

Special digestive enzymes help break down the food in the digestive tract. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates, the body can thus be stored or excreted. Digestive enzymes are present in the digestive juices, and by their activity, the food consumed within a relatively short time to be digested. A healthy digestion is the basis for good health; The intake of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients would be useless without enzyme activity. There are in fact only the enzymes that make the food for the body used.


Enzyme-containing foods

Many enzymes are endogenous, that is, they are produced by the body itself. Some enzymes, however, the body must be supplied through the diet. Foods such as fruits and vegetables can be taken into enzyme suppliers. These support the digestion and are considered very healthy. Today, enzymes can also be produced by genetic engineering, and certain foods can be added. They are used for color, flavor enhancement or to regulate the ripening process (especially cheese).
Until now shifted enzyme foods are not labeled. That should change in the near future, since it is still controversial whether enzymes can be classified as food additives to be completely safe.

However, there are foods which contain natural enzymes. These include, for example, fruit , raw vegetables, salads, and nuts. Above all, pineapple , kiwi, figs , papaya, pears and bananas are extremely enzymhaltig. When vegetables are broccoli , zucchini, tomatoes and cucumber is rich in natural enzymes. No or only a few enzymes contain foods cooked, frozen or heated in the microwave or thawed.

Enzymes and diets

It seems as if many diets fail because too little is absorbed enzyme-containing food. Thus, the supplied food will not be broken down completely and there will be radicals then deposit themselves in the form of fat in the body. So-called waste products arise, among other things due to insufficient enzyme activity. By enzyme-rich diet and nutritional supplements containing enzymes, the activity of enzymes can be stimulated or enhanced. Effective support for the digestion, the breakdown of food, and also for the purification, the roles of enzymes. These processes are among the most important in the human body should always be paid to enzyme-containing diet.