Natural remedies for infections, viruses, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis. Propolis, honey, royal jelly, Scots pine, antiseptic and antiviral plants

Diseases of the airways or airways are numerous in the heart of winter and flu season, it is often feared that these complications can be dangerous. To strengthen its natural defenses, here are some remedies grandmother and ideas of natural food supplements to treat the plants by tapping into the treasures of nature.

Scots Pine: respiratory, stimulant, antiseptic, fights against fatigue.

Scots pine, its Latin name Pinus Sylvestris, is a panacea in case of natural respiratory disease. The pine has properties expectorant and balsamic quite remarkable. Its action is:

# stimulating
# and antiseptic
# fortifying

It allows more to fight against fatigue commonly associated with flu symptoms or winter diseases because it is a natural stimulant.


Pine, natural remedy against bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, cough

The therapeutic pine does not stop there: its essential oil is very effective in case of bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma and cough! A few drops of essential oil applied to the chest free the airways. Try: the smell is very pleasant and its action is immediate.

Honey: bactericidal and tonic, against the winter diseases. Recipes gargles and grog

There is not one, but honeys. The advantage of honey is that besides being a Concentrated benefits in itself, it can capture the virtues of plants which prepare the bees . It contains essential fatty acids, amino acids, it is bactericidal and tonic!

As a gargle: Take one tablespoon of liquid honey (rosemary honey, chestnut honey, pine honey to combine the virtues of both natural sources) and dilute it in a little hot water. Gargle in back of the throat for a few minutes, the coughing can not resist.
By grog: the first signs of cooling, prepare lukewarm water, a little rum and a tablespoon of thyme honey. To be repeated several times a day.

Propolis and royal jelly: boost and strengthen his immune system and stimulate the natural defenses

Royal jelly, bee fountain of youth, and propolis, balsamic protective, are two indispensable allies in the heart of winter, to take food supplements.

# Royal jelly contains some elements have not been discovered yet . Is it always this miraculous substance is ideal for strengthening the immune defenses of the organism and a stimulus to unparalleled psychic and physical. Make regular courses of three weeks of royal jelly, a small dose preferably on an empty stomach every morning.

# Propolis is the natural shield of bees, they use it to protect their living, their nursery, their universe: the hive. Propolis has antibacterial, antiseptic, healing. Oral diseases, infections or viruses do not resist it. Incorporate them into your diet as pure as possible: paste or gum propolis, propolis liquid.