Originally unrecognized chronic and difficult to diagnose, affecting even very young women, endometriosis is widespread in the world.

Do you know this disease, somewhat barbarous name, which we never talk to prime time, rarely in newspapers or magazines and yet reached countless women throughout the world? Did you know that it is often detected very late for many of them? Or that it is sometimes during surgery unrelated to his discovery? Some gynecologists even call it “the cancer you do not die.” Strong image it is, but you can find particularly compelling when you know what this disease is capable.

A little Anatomy

This disease results in the implantation of endometrial cells outside uterus, like small pieces of uterine lining. The uterine lining, also called endometrial lining of the uterus and is intended to receive the fertilized egg during pregnancy. Typically, growth follows the hormonal cycle, increasing to prepare for the arrival of a possible fertilized egg, then detaching the end of the cycle to drain naturally during menstruation in the absence of pregnancy.

However, for unknown reasons, small pieces of the mucosa will escape back instead of flowing into the vagina, and to be grafted into the body where it should not be. It can reach the fallopian tubes, deposited on the ovaries, bowel, bladder, the area between the uterus and colon. It may even invade areas far removed from their original location: shoulders, stomach, and even knees. This fact suggests that it could also be a kind of mutation of cells in an area that would become is not clear yet how endometrial cells. How is it that we are so far of the endometrium in the body? To grow, endometrial need estrogen, female hormone produced by the ovaries. What is less known is that the mucosa itself produces its own estrogen, which makes it difficult eviction total external or internal implants of endometrium.


Life can be difficult for some rules

This disease, when it reaches your external bodies can affect your ability to live normally. Fatigue, severe pain, sometimes up to bedrest, handicap many women who suffer. To misunderstanding of the medical fee which you most often prescribed for you and sissy years as analgesics for a simple headache, or your boss sees you again you miss several days off work all months and think more to replace you permanently, you’re like taking pliers.

You fill up on drug painkillers to keep going, or else, your gynecologist will prescribe the pill because you explain that you really bad stomach pains during your period. For years, and most often, COCs. However, if the lining becomes thinner because of the hormones you take, it is nevertheless present and insidiously, you do not realize that your body is in fact gradually invaded. More discovery is delayed, the greater the extent of the disease may be important.

How is it discovered? Reaching it?

Often it is discovered later during a consultation for uterine bleeding, or during a hysterectomy performed on patients old enough or close to menopause. But we discover more and more very young women with anxiety because it is the woman herself who led the doctors to go in many and varied specialists prior to the actual name of his evil. Alas, when you hurt during menstruation, doctors tend to tell you that this is “normal” to feel pain. And no, it is not. Menstruate can hurt, but not to the point of writhing for several days, or having to stay in bed.

Women with endometriosis do not suffer any at this point, and the symptoms depend on the situation of many implants of endometrial cells, the resistance of each woman in pain, and disease stage. Many women complain so tired of being singularly and not only menstruating. Tired at this point all the time is not obvious on the one hand, for the woman who sees her life as aet for his entourage who may end up believing she exaggerates.

And adenomyosis?

This disease can also reach the uterus itself: it is called adenomyosis. Small implant mucosa will move to the uterine muscle itself, making then depending on the extent of the damage, unsuitable for implantation of the egg. It goes without saying that this type of damage makes so much more difficult to maintain a pregnancy, as it can sometimes lead to many miscarriages or even cause late abortion, premature birth, or the loss of unborn baby default power womb. From there to imagine that it could also cause a delay of intrauterine growth, there is not one it would be easy to cross.

Even if we can a priori cleanse the body of endometriosis implants practicing surgery (laparoscopy or laparotomy – more rare) it does not mean that the disease is chronic and can resurface one day when another. It does not get rid of endometriosis. We live with. Some will tell you that of course if you do not suffer as adenomyosis, you can “easily” get rid of the problem by performing a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus), the only way to completely remove the cause of your body, with course risks with any surgery and removal of an organ. But it is difficult to envisage such an intervention when it has not yet had children or are discovered her illness earlier.

Struggle to know this sometimes debilitating chronic disease

This is due to the action of associations as Endofrance that nowadays earlier detection is performed at complaints of very young girls. Such screening, if done as soon as possible from pain and symptoms presented by these young girls or women would find the treatment best suited to their case or perhaps to find the necessary funds in order to halt the progression of the disease.

And if I want a child? Endometriosis is synonymous with sterility?

The problem becomes more difficult when your ovaries or your uterus are met: endometriosis cyst on one half of them strike your chances of conceiving easily. And trunk bite is an obvious obstacle to a natural pregnancy as a uterus affected by adenomyosis. There are many treatments, but they are not the cure: they just allow the possibility for some women to give birth to a child naturally, before it is too late for them. So, if you have very bad during your period or if your daughters newly settled complain of pain or intense high, or severe bleeding, go see your gynecologist: it may be endometriosis or adenomyosis which was invited elsewhere in your body.