Nutrition experts for decades overwhelm us with the best allerneuersten and information about what we eat and most importantly: how to lose weight and want. Science journalist Norbert Treutwein has taken the most popular weight-loss strategies and dietary requirements in his book “The Fat Lie” under the microscope.

Anxiety word diet

The Greek word for life (“diaita”) has received from us a completely wrong meaning. While it included in its original sense of the work, leisure, sleep, exercise and mental training, we associate one thing with the word diet: weight loss. At the beginning of his work, the author of an important principle: there is not absolute and the ideal way to quickly and simply let the pounds drop rapidly. The Proof of this are about 500 weight-loss programs that exist now. Before Treutwein readers with tips and tricks help with this is to improve individual nutrition plan, he sheds light on the most common myths.


Here are some examples:

First Fat makes you fat and must be avoided. Fat plays an important role in our health, as explained Treutwein quite right. Of course, this is not a license, fat to slip into infinite sets. But the cholesterol-fighting is to say not only cumbersome but also absurd, because is included too few of them with the food, the body produces instead, even what he considers important processes such as hormone supply, blood clotting function of body cells, etc. needed.

Second Slim with carbohydrates without limitation, the warning sparked a boom in front of the fat out of food trends that promise weight loss with carbohydrates. Redeemed were the promises, quite the contrary – they even had harmful consequences. Not only did the people increased, the Type II diabetes (adult onset) were always more. For the slightly shorter in available carbohydrates in the digestive process: the sugar passes rapidly into the blood, the answer is still a large amount of insulin that is waiting for the sugar utilization. The years of overtaxing the pancreas can deplete the body.

Interesting facts about sugar

The answer to the lack of success was in turn a new diet, one-sided idea:

Third The Low carb! The glycemic index (GI) is a food table that was designed for diabetics. She then orders the food, how much they improve within 2 hours of recording your blood sugar. The lower the value, the slower the sugar enters the blood, which increases satiety and insulin production is less strained. The author of “The fat lie” but recognizes significant weaknesses in the GI-theory: First, it states that it is not on the amount of fat and energy intake counts which is inaccurate, and secondly, taking into account the table or the preparation, the maturity nor the combination of food .

4th Let’s hear the Greeks to the Mediterranean and Cretan diet is very interesting about a lot of high quality protein from fish and seafood , healthy fats from olive oil, lots of vegetables . Unfortunately, the name is completely false, as shows Treutwein: Today, one in three obese adolescents in Crete. After all, Greece was not spared from the fast food revolution. Meanwhile, there are missing as often physical exertion at work and the motion compensation.

Treutweins proposal: ADE – Lose weight by eating

Who sets up absolute bans will fall most rapidly into temptation. That’s why the first rule of individual nutrition plan, nothing is totally prohibited. Thus, the weight loss works in the long run, the habits are changed, not only in terms of nutrition. Because sport is essential for this! Who creates a food diary may get wise to yourself. The many tables of fat, protein and energy content of the fatty acids, nutrients, etc. in the book help in assembling, painting and replacing the personal diet plan.

Conclusion: A good summary of the arguments which are not necessarily big news from the world of nutritional science, but appeals strongly to the common sense and shows clearly: one-sided “Lean in three weeks,” Diets do not work in the long run!