Emotions are the physical and mental states characterized by psychophysical changes. What are the main emotions? Why should I know?

The emotions are the physical and mental states characterized by mental and physical changes associated with internal or external stimuli, both natural and learned. But what triggers these reactions? What are the main emotions? And why is it important to know? From the first days of life the human being evidence of emotions and expressions, such as crying, for example, are the only way to communicate a physical and humoral immunity. Emotions binds to a series of psychological phenomena as the character, mood, personality, so much so that the humanities define emotion as a complex state of feelings that take shape through the body and the psyche, influencing thoughts and behavior. theories on emotions you There are three main theories that explain the emotions:


1. physiological theories, which argue that the answers inside our body trigger emotions
2. neurological theories, which suggest that brain activity lead to emotional responses
3. cognitive theories, according to which they give rise to thoughts and emotions.

Recent studies have also made ​​a map of the emotions, finding a physical correspondence for each emotion. When we begin to feel emotions? neuropsychological studies argue that there are two kinds of emotions, the most fundamental and complex ones. The former are also called primary emotions, because beginning to emerge in the early days of life and are common to many species of animals are fear, love and anger. Within the first five years, then, you also develop other primary emotions: the anger, the sadness, joy, surprise, anticipation, disgust and acceptance. As people grow and interact socially is form the complex emotions, or secondary l ‘ envy, joy, shame, l ‘ anxiety, resignation, jealousy, hope, hurt, regret and disappointment. Importance of emotions can not be live without emotions, and it is very important that from an early age we are taught the importance of expressing these feelings correctly .