Electrosmog generally referred to artificially generated magnetic and electric fields and radio waves. What at first sounds a bit abstract, is ubiquitous in our life electronic appliances such as computers, televisions, mobile phones, as well as radar systems are indispensable in our modern life.


“Smog” comes from English-who is not familiar with London’s legendary smog? And is made up of “smoke” that is, smoke, and “fog”, along fog. But electromagnetic differs in one important detail of the smog that hangs over the big cities of the world: he is not with our senses to be grasped. This makes working with him all the more difficult. Sources of electromagnetic pollution are producing electrical devices, the magnetic and electric fields.

Magnetic and electric fields

On the earth are always natural electric and magnetic fields exist, and even the human body has morphogenetic fields, which are essential for the control of the organism. Our body’s cells communicate via ion exchange and electromagnetic pulses with each other. If disturbances in these fields of energy balance and well-being are affected. In addition to the natural effect of electric fields generated by appliances, artificial electromagnetic fields, EMF short, one on us:
Electric fields generated by alternating current and exist even if the corresponding units are in operation.
Magnetic fields, however, are generated in operation of a device, therefore, when current flows.


Electromagnetic fields are in low-and high-frequency-distinction:

¤Low-frequency electric fields, ELF
for example, electrical wires, appliances, overhead lines, power lines
¤High-frequency magnetic fields, RF
TV, radio, radar, satellite systems, mobile phone, home phone – cordless phones (DECT), wireless LAN, baby monitor .

Effects on humans

What is now triggered by such fields in the human body or not is still hotly debated. For years, for example, mobile phone companies struggling and worried about neighbors putting up mobile phone masts or there is fierce debate about studies that would indicate a health risk from mobile phone radiation or otherwise. Because perception is subjective, there is always some controversy when it comes to electromagnetic pollution: so-called “electrical sensitivity” complain of physical symptoms that are dismissed by others as irrational fantasies and fears. Typical symptoms of electrosensitivity include headache, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, heart palpitations, ringing in the ears, etc. But even miscarriages, cancers and tumors, as well as damage to chromosomes and DNA are taken from several studies with electromagnetic pollution in context. Many of the symptoms disappear or have to, as soon as you remove one source of electromagnetic radiation.

Electromagnetic pollution is a form of so-called non-ionizing radiation, that is, the radiation can apparently cause no damage to cells or chemical compounds. Exception to this are thermal effects, which are known to influence the processes in the body. Non-thermal effects are less studied and debated, but for example, should lead to protein decomposition.
As mobile phones or cordless phones very close to the body and especially to the head and thus come close to the brain, they get more into a crossfire of criticism. As a biological reaction to the phone to the ear, a marked warming one of the head. During a telephone conversation with the mobile phone according to critics, is further opened the blood-brain barrier, similar to what happens with alcohol consumption in our brain the brain cells are damaged and eventually destroyed it. Nerve cells may also contribute by non-thermal effects of damage from it.

Environmental Medicine presented further even at only a few minutes’ duration phone calls so-called “rouleaux” effects determined in red blood cells: red blood cells are depolarized “stick” and because of its quasi together. Since the blood cells now have less capacity, reduces the oxygen content in the blood the result of thrombosis and heart attacks can be. Methods of investigation regarding the effects on our bodies, for example, thermography, measurements are made at the heating by means of infrared camera. Brain flows are measured with an EEG (electroencephalogram), also find long-term studies and monitoring of populations, and animals instead. On the part of opponents of electromagnetic pollution, there are always allegations that studies be created only in the sense of the economy. Apart from that we had in X-ray radiation, asbestos or radioactivity detected until much later, also the true impact.

Perspectives: Creating Awareness thematize, electromagnetic, and discuss

The so-called STOA report of March 2001 calls from the Science Directorate A of the European Parliament for the assessment of scientific and technological options electrosmog “a significant threat to public health.” Internationally, there are differing values, such as China and Russia have much stricter regulations than the West. ICNIRP International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation should contribute to harmonization. They included in their recommendations for limits while the thermal effects of radiofrequency fields, but not non-thermal effects. According to the Austrian Medical Association is also the appropriate ONORM too high and ignored scientific evidence on the effects on the body and health of mobile phones and electromagnetic pollution produced by them.

It would be important to open a serious discussion on electro-run society. Even if sound science and are not yet available, but you can begin a public dialogue about prevention and protection measures to create awareness and thus take the concerns and fears of many people seriously against new technologies. The long-term effects are anticipated because of the topicality of the issue is not electromagnetic, therefore, are in demand primarily education and prevention.