We’re talking about one in three the number of men affected by sexual dysfunction premature ejaculation, ejaculation disorder. It leads to impotence and shortness of desire. can ensure that premature ejaculation is mainly related to the psychological factor.

Indeed, this dysfunction affects both mind and body. Emotional health and the perception that man himself can affect their physical condition and sexual performance. Lack of sexual experience, stress, emotional shock, fear of not being up to snuff, a habit of masturbating bad things one can learn psychological reasons causing human lose control over his ejaculations .

Some organic causes affecting older men in general can cause premature ejaculation . example, heart disease, kidney and liver, urogenital diseases of the posterior urethra and prostate, vascular changes, taking certain drugs. The consequences of premature ejaculation for the man personally and are devastating for the couple.

The man feels a great loss to esteem himself feeling unable to satisfy his partner. Some come to the point to avoid sexual intimacy because of fear of failure. This condition damages the relationship, and a quick solution is required to get rid of premature ejaculation.
To cure premature ejaculation, the only solution effectively and permanently medically proven and recognized, c is the sexual rehabilitation programs. This method based on natural exercises daily can favorite premature ejaculation in the identification of causes and syndromes that dysfunction to reeducate the body ejaculatory reflexes new.


Here are some deal through these exercises

– breathing: Slow your breathing potential.
– Working the PC muscle: This technique involves contracting the muscle and hold firm for about 5 seconds. A strengthened PC muscle allows a better control of ejaculation.
– Put emotions aside and focus on ejaculation control.
– Lower sensitivity of the penis
– Vary sexual positions
– to promote communication with your partner.

Sexual rehabilitation is the best choice to terminate permanently and naturally favorite ejaculation. Inquire . Many premature ejaculation conditions are caused by secondary psychological issues such as anxiety, over excitement and being sexually inexperienced. With these conditions removed, you may experience normal erection and ejaculation and thus the term premature ejaculation is rather difficult to define at times.