Eat well, enjoy the fruits and vegetables should be part of our education. We must revive in ourselves the pleasure of cooking!

The power in our modern society, has rapidly evolved. We cook less, given the extent of the quick fixes that surround us and the lack of time. It has been shown that poor diet causes significant damage in our body. It is timely to talk about obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and even some cancers. It is still possible to separate more pleased with table foods, and therefore with health. Is it not our individual responsibility to educate our children in this way?

What is the mind, the most prevalent at the attitude of our children at meal time?

Our dear little darlings, the vast majority are in the habit of sulking fruits, vegetables, etc.. It is also difficult to keep them at the table, they have so many more exciting occupations today! They do not show, either, of particular interest regarding food offered to them, but a little more face certain advertisements enticing, targeted for our small consumers. However, if you do not pay attention, bad habits will move quickly!


What good habits to adopt to understand that our children eat better is important?

* Firstly, they must lead by example every day, because with this whole industrialization, there is something going astray, then handlebars them in this jungle food.
* They should also learn to pay attention to the kitchen early, as they must learn to walk, to wash, to protect themselves from the sun. Is not this the first step towards learning cooking?
* It is important to avoid eating in five minutes, or watching television. This must remain a time of sharing, serenity and pleasure.
* We must banish, like them, snacking between meals to encourage the appetite to eat. More sodas anything goes, candy galore, or small packets of crisps to wait before dinner.
* It is so nice to cook with the children they are seeking, then take the opportunity to tell our best moments around a table or a furnace, with our friends or seniors.

Before they become good students of our heritage French food, it is sometimes easy to arouse their curiosity about their attitude and provoke their interest to enjoy their meal. They are nice to sprinkle a little grated cheese on vegetable puree or to mix a spoonful of cream they have flavored with a hint of mustard. Spices and fresh herbs make them curious, so they have fun to guess in different preparations!

Varions presentations provide a bit of bacon to make nice with them bundles of green beans. What a treat! And for those who do not like zucchini, try grated carrots for color with a green salad. It is also possible to add corn, apple, cheese and make a vinaigrette by replacing the oil with fresh cream. Success will be guaranteed! It is interesting to give names to your beautiful dishes and find that their interest is not the largest.

In conclusion

Do not we say that cooking is an art, we must stop the junk food, and also that every child is an artist? So we must take the opportunity to let go, invent, decorate, talk to them, spend moments of pleasure to cook. Let’s make this moment a playful moment, let them choose the theme or the main ingredient! What a joy to go with family, make a gathering at the farm and enjoy all these fresh ingredients with cheaper. The more you share pleasant moments with her ​​children before the development of a food, the more they love to cook and eat well become natural.