In times of crisis such as these, many choose to bring their own lunch to work. An economical and practical choice that, beyond the savings, however, must be organized at best, especially in terms of hygiene.

The lunch from home to office is, for many cultures, normal: just think of the bent Japanese, or Italian and more to our historical schismatic, today more than ever in vogue! Bring home the meal means, first of all, make sure that the food is hygienically well preserved. The heating of offices, as well as the domestic one, sometimes it’s really exaggerated and could affect the content in terms of bacterial multiplication. Whether it is food that can be eaten fresh, such as a good omelet or a cold pasta, you can put in the cooler a container of ice to maintain the proper temperature. could also propose to your employer to purchase a small microwave oven, so you can freely warm up the dishes, such as lasagna or the inviting a beautiful parmigiana!


Fridge in the office if the office, and in general the workplace, you have the availability of a refrigerator, which put our lunchbox, it will be very suitable to use it! At 4 ° C the bacteria are locked in their multiplication and the food keeps well, considering that the temperature of all refrigerators. This is especially important if you have then the perishable food, such as dairy products or dairy products ( yogurt , cheese, etc.) or egg (remember always the risk of salmonella ). Preparing home Fruits and vegetables, be sure you wash them well already at home, so you will avoid doing it in the office in the bathroom, since it is not exactly the most suitable place. For washing is recommended to always use plenty of running water and the baking soda. place mat and cutlery As a matter id hygiene and order, always bring a mat on which to eat. Very nice American ones: they are practical, comfortable and above all allow you to avoid grease your desk!

Perfect to disposable ones, but to think of it is a waste of paper, unless somehow you do not recycle. would be preferable to take even the cutlery from home, so we do not waste plastic cutlery, but we use our infinity. Food to avoid Among the foods to avoid because they are more delicate and perishable, the first fish and meat too elaborate, such as meatballs or meatloaf, because these preparations that require the use of perishable raw materials, water-rich, lipids and proteins. The conservation then dictates should be done following strict regime of cold to avoid problems such as the food-borne diseases . sandwiches and toast These are ideal, but they will always transported from home to the office with all the precautions related to the temperature, then use the bag fridge! Give free rein to imagination, combining protein ingredients such as dried beef lightly arugula and Parmesan cheese, or ham with Tuscan Doggy cheese and endives.