Premature menopause, indeed, very early, is unfortunately a growing phenomenon, even the 1 × 1000 cases involve girls who are less than 30 years. The POF (Prematurity Ovarian Failure), today afflicts approximately 4-5% of the female population worldwide, affecting mostly women who have not yet had children. Technically, menopause is nothing but the natural depletion of our eggs secreted by the ovaries (which are limited in number, meaning at some point in the production stops forever), which also represents the threshold of female fertility. All this associated with a number of concurrent physical phenomena rearrangement hormone that occurs, as a rule, not before 50 years of age.


Early menopause because of the phthalates

Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis ( USA) conducted a study on the effects of harmful chemicals such as phthalates ( commonly found in many beauty products and hygiene ) have on female fertility . The results were presented at the conference of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine which was held in San Diego ( California). The research involved 5700 women referred were measured levels of phthalates in the urine. The sample with the highest levels was also most at risk of entering early menopause. On average, the advance of the end of reproductive life was estimated at 2.5 years.

The alarming fact is that in women with the highest values​​, menopause had arrived even 15 years before the ” deadline ” natural ( estimated at 51 years old), which means that their menstrual cycle was interrupted before the age of 40 years. ” We are absolutely convinced that phthalates cause damage to ovarian function and reproductive system – said the coordinator of the study , Dr. Natalia Grindler , warning , however, that – our research is still preliminary and much work remains to understand.” Caution , therefor , a shampoo , cosmetics , hair sprays and lacquers , all products in which they are present phthalates .

Early menopause : the causes of endomorphisms and pollution

Among the causes linked to the onset of menopause in young women there are other factors , however, above all : the increasing incidence of endomorphisms and pollution, especially with dioxin . E ‘ was confirmed , in fact , a correlation between the onset of endomorphisms and pollution . The global rate of women suffering from this disease varies between 10-18 %, but rises to 30-40 % in those with infertility problems . A recent Italian study failed to prove that early menopause is eight times more common in those women who suffer from endomorphisms.

This is a research coordinated by Prof. Pietro Giulio Signorile, President of the Italian Endomorphisms (FIE ) , carried out in collaboration with the Cancer Institute of Rome and the University of Naples. Through a dual survey, conducted on the first animal model , then human , it was found that direct causality between congenital ovarian decay , endomorphisms and increase of early menopause (equal to 80 cases in 1000 ) . Further studies in this direction will undoubtedly prove useful to understand how to act in a preventive way the young female population , in order to avert the risk of progressive unfruitfulness .