The duodenal ulcer usually interested in the initial part of the duodenum , although it can get to involve different layers of tissue, even leading to perforation. That perforated , with the impairment of the peritoneum, is recurrent, acute with trend, in the case where the tear is on the front wall. One of the consequences that may be incurred is made ​​from bleeding for the erosion of the art gastropod-duodenal ulcer. The symptoms of the disorder are represented by a variable, and the burning pain. The treatment consists of the use of certain drugs , antibiotics, antacids, anti-ulcer. However it is essential to be careful also to supply , avoiding irritating foods.

The symptoms

Among the symptoms of duodenal ulcer should be counted first the pain . This is a rather peculiar feeling, as may occur at the beginning with a sense of discomfort. Only later begins to look like a real pain, which appears in a particular way on an empty stomach and without food. Typically there is an improvement when you eat and are subject to exacerbation with the changing of the seasons. In cases of complications, when there is penetration, especially borne by the pancreas, the symptomatic manifestations become more violent and the pain comes to spread to the back. Not to be forgotten are also the feeling of heartburn the acidity , often associated with duodenitis .There are also more severe symptoms, which, however, are found rarely. It is, in the presence of bleeding ulcer , traces of blood in the stool, nausea and vomiting, which may have also traces of blood, changes in appetite and weight loss.


The care

The treatment of duodenal ulcer involves use of specific drugs prescribed by your doctor. In some cases it may be necessary to give the antibiotics , especially when the problem is caused by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori . In these cases, the medicines must be taken for several weeks and may consist mainly amoxicillin and clarithromycin.

Fundamental are the anti-ulcer, the objective of which is to decrease the amount of hydrochloric acid that is found in ‘ digestive tract . These drugs prevent that histamine may reach its receptors and in this way the gastric juices do not secrete hydrochloric acid. Ranitidine and famotidine are the best known. The antacids instead serve to neutralize stomach acid already produced. They can be used the proton pump inhibitors . Also in this case the purpose is to reduce the ‘ stomach acidity . These drugs, in fact, have the ability to disable the structures that, inside the cells, are dedicated to the production of acids.

The diet

The diet for duodenal ulcer should be as personalized as possible. In any case it is possible to identify general rules to be respected. First, it should get used to chew food slowly, avoiding any situation of stress, which may interfere with the proper management. The meals must be absolutely avoided. It ‘better to eat in a distanced, distributing it all throughout the day, because frequent meals can increase the secretion of acids .

The cooking techniques indicated are baked, grilled or steamed the boil. In this way, in fact, the food may be cooked, without adding too much fat as condiments. Are preferred oil and butter in small amounts as a condiment. You have to avoid fried and spicy sauces and prolonged cooking. The same goes for coffee, tea and alcohol. Also it is best to pay attention, so that beverages ingested are neither too cold nor too hot. The foods that you can eat consist of dry bread, rusks in, rice, pasta, cereals, milk, cheese, fresh eggs boiled or poached.