And one of the most popular diets in recent years, but on what basis are created and what are the best recipes of the Dukan diet? What are the combinations and choices to make in order to create the dishes suited to this diet? do not is negligible because they have this information, especially when you follow dietary recommendations that aim to lose weight, get ideas and inspiration on how to cook better and with different variations foods, allows you to motivate a lot. How many times we find ourselves preparing the same dishes and in the same way, this creates boredom, impatience and even more difficult to stay “in line.” Certainly we must assess which of the four stages and we are so choose recipes Dukan diet correct. Here are a few that can be either “normal” version that diet version.


In the first phase, to attack, we must draw only from proteins , meat, fish and eggs. But certainly after cooking a steak, sliced ​​and fried and eaten steamed fish, what else to put in the pot? Simply, we think “recycle” recipes where the change is minimal, for example, the pork with spices that has been cooked with the sauce, just think of using a non-stick pan and use, to prevent sticking, a few tablespoons of water. Recipes Phase 2 Finally you start to add protein too few vegetables, this is the cruise phase, allowing you to return to dishes “normal” and complete as a main course with a side dish such as fish and vegetables, of course eliminating the condiments, tuna and shrimp with eggplant and green beans fits perfectly into the scheme and does not even seem a Dukan diet dish. Or chicken flavored with the mushrooms. Recipes Phase 3 In the consolidation, you also replenish dairy products and carbohydrates.

You can try this tasty recipe, just substitute the mozzarella with a light version, but the stuffed eggplant looks very good for an important meal and no one will notice that you are following the diet. Recipe Step 4 The last phase is the maintenance, called stabilization, reintegration pretty much everything so you can eat, always with some small attention all foods. If it’s hot and you prefer a single dish, maybe that solves lunch break at work, choose a nice salad complete with protein and vegetables with chicken or fish and eggs, but there are many, even vegetarian. These are just a few examples, but if you want here are some small recipes for the Dukan diet to experiment to get the plate is always something different, which pleases the sight, the taste buds and reasons to continue further in the diet dietetic.