Losing extra pounds quickly and well. This is the program of Dr. Dukan diet based on natural proteins. Consume at will and motivation.

After Montignac and Weight Watchers to name a few, a new regime enjoys its moment of glory: the regime beak, developed by Dr. Pierre Dukan, GP became nutrition specialist for thirty years. His method, revealed to the public in his book I’m not losing weight , weight loss promises a fast, durable and without frustration.

A regime in 4 steps

The Dukan method boils down to one name, Protal, contraction of the words Protein Alternatives. For it is indeed an alternate plan, the first consisting of only pure protein (low-fat meats, fish, eggs, dairy low fat) and another protein with vegetables. This is the duo that will allow the body to eliminate its extra pounds, whether or not many. It goes without saying that to get the promised success, Dr. Dukan recommends following his instructions to the letter:


¤ an attack phase of variable duration (2-10 days), during which only the pure proteins are allowed;
¤ a cruise phase with alternating pure protein and protein / vegetables (5 days of each example) until the desired weight;
¤ a consolidation phase proportional to the number of pounds lost (count 10 days per kilogram) and during which other food groups are gradually reintegrated;
¤ and finally a stabilization phase with one day of pure protein per week for life.

Strengths and weaknesses of the regime Protal

The regime of Dr. Dukan is different from other systems for several reasons: weight loss was observed in the early days especially, the authorized food can be consumed at will. ” This is a regime that allows to eat , “says Annick, 57. ” I’m really delighted with the result, I have already lost 12 kg, I still have five, I think I will get there safely . ” Sidonie, 30, is also delighted with his experience: ” It is natural that I chose the Dukan diet, which can lose quickly by eating at will. Lover of meat and dairy products, it suits me very well as basic proteins from my diet, and then I want the natural, no powders, caplets or beverages of all kinds. I do not regret this choice: I was hanging over 20 pounds since my birth, and I got rid of almost 17 ​​kg in 8 months . ”

Despite these highly encouraging results, the system itself can be difficult to follow and / or live. The will and morale are crucial, because the four phases of the plan spread out over several weeks or months. And if the phases of attack and cruise go smoothly for the most part, it is sometimes more difficult to initiate the consolidation phase, where the risks are very real to crack, with the possibility to take all that weight lost hard! This is the problem faced by Lilou, 34, who still managed to lose 17 kg: ” I’m kind of all or nothing, and since I have to go in consolidating, I find it very hard to follow the regime . I can not balance my menus, so I remain more or less on a cruise with free days that I rectify with pure proteins. For me, it’s not a total success . ”

Tips to keep pace

Consolidation is a crucial phase, which requires almost as much effort as weight loss itself. That is why we should not hesitate to seek support. On the forums, many groups are beginning to experience together to exchange impressions, tips and recipes. Not to mention that Dr. Dukan itself offers tracking via the internet on its website where you find the method, an FAQ, a forum and especially a live chat an hour a day. And if the plan is effective Protal, we must not forget that it is very restrictive and can cause deficiencies. Before beginning this type of plan, it is recommended to consult their GP or nutritionist.