Unpleasant eventuality of the autumn and winter period, the dry cough , night or day it is, chronic or persistent , is a disorder downright annoying. More than a disease itself, is a kind of body’s response to an attack, a kind of boundary defense mechanism. Here are some of the characteristic dry cough, a few tips to prevent it, to fight and natural remedies more effective.

What’s this

The cough, oily or dry it is, is a mechanism that the body uses to defend against several external factors: bacteria and viruses in the air, the cold and the smoke . More than a disease itself, the cough is a sign, a symptom that shows up when some external agent irritates the channels that carry air to the lungs, such as the mucous membranes of the throat, trachea or bronchi.

Annoying yes, but the cough is not to be considered as an enemy, indeed. Indeed, it is an ally to liberate the airways from phlegm , dust, smoke and germs. The most important distinction to make, in relation to cough, is between the fat and the dry season. The dry cough, in particular is unproductive, that is not characterized by the production and expulsion of excess phlegm produced by the respiratory system. can be the result of an allergic form , but also the exposure to dust and smoke, the presence of a virus or irritation of the bronchi.


The natural allies of prevention

To counter the onset of cough, better to act in advance, strengthening the immune system using natural remedies, herbal remedies, the immune-stimulating properties, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Via free, for the purpose, all machinate (30 drops of mother tincture, diluted in 50 ml of water, twice a day) and to propolis, for example. Moreover, in addition to airing constantly domestic environments, to keep out harmful microorganisms, it is preferable also humidify the air, especially at night, using the water basins to be placed over the radiator.

And the care

When there is no sputum and cough is dry, the most effective natural remedies are the ones who can boast an anti-inflammatory, soothing, antibacterial, decongestant, sedative and thinner. Good, for example, the ‘ marshmallow, mallow, lime, thyme and Tolu balm, to be taken in the form of essential oil (diluted in water), infusion or decoration.