The dry and chapped lips are a problem especially in winter, when the cold affects our skin . In any case, we must not forget that there are also natural remedies and solutions do it yourself, which can be an effective way to always have the lips perfect and not prone to irritation. By products based lip balm, which are commercially available, almond oil, aloe vera milk. There are many ideas that we can use to take care of our skin and protect it. But let’s go into specifics.

Natural remedies

If we have dry lips that burn, our main objective is to combat dehydration. For this purpose we can use the olive oil. We must not do is soak a cotton ball in the oil and then wipe the lips. You can also create the specific ointments to apply. One very effective way is which is formed by beeswax and from almond oil. Simply heat the wax in a container, up to dissolve it. Then mix with almond oil. You have to wait about 45 minutes, so that the mixture to cool and solidify. Finally, the mixture should be applied on the lips before going to sleep or in the morning .


Other remedies use the lard . It is a solution suitable above all for the prevention ; to use in a particular manner on cold days and with much wind. If the lips appear dry and white, we can use the aloe vera : The gel obtained from this plant helps to give a tonic effect. In the case, instead, in which there are cuts, better l ‘ castor oil sprinkled several times a day. We can also try the milk. You must use the whole milk. The latter is left to stand for three days in the refrigerator. You can apply cold or after being boiled. In any case, remember to remove the cream surface that will have formed.

Other remedies

In the market there are many variations of lip balm, fruity and also hypoallergenic. These are products that are specifically designed to protect your lips. Very useful are those that are enriched with vitamin E. They allow you to rebuild the skin’s natural defenses cracked from the cold. Not to be forgotten are the balms specific, which contain all the nutrients to take care of lips in winter. It ‘s very important, however, to avoid even the’ alcohol and smoking because they ruin the lips and encourage dehydration.