Water is healthy and necessary, if taken excessively so can really cause problems?

The Water is very important and the doctors advise to drink a liter to a liter and a half a day, even if there is to consider the amount present in food. The incoming water and outgoing water are the water balance, of course, like all budgets, to fit must be positive. But really how much water is needed for good health and above all you can overdo it and drink too much water? It Recently, the case of the English girl who used to drink up to 16 liters of water per day, the result was his admission to the hospital and related care to solve a problem aquaholism, dependence on water.

As usual extreme cases say that exaggerate on what should be the basic principles of a correct view of nutrition, which is also included in the speech of water, necessarily leads to problems. The first rule is the ability to listen to your body. The introduction of water is absolutely necessary for our body in terms of maximum of 1-1.5 liters per day, thus contrast with almost three idealized by many! Unless you are in front of particular cases, very hot summers, etc.


What are the effects of excessive water intake?

Let’s see some of the effects associated with an excessive water intake:.

* The kidneys are found to be subjected to an excessive work, to a load that over time, in some subjects, could create serious problems.
* The intestines and the skin can not or find it difficult to dispose of excess fluids, as exaggerated compared to the real physiological needs.
* Drinking too much before bedtime may even disturb the normal sleep .
* In some women the excess water introduced can cause paradoxically that for which the same or trying to combat the water retention and cellulite .
* An imbalance of the center deputed by the control of liquids, with an alteration of the meaning of thirst .
Water is not satisfied! Error then think to drink a lot to build up a kind of dietary effect!