Seawater contains all the trace elements and mineral components which our body needs. In many cases, drinking can be beneficial

Drink sea water, not drink the cup, but voluntarily and regularly absorb the liquid to cleanse detoxify or as they say in the jargon of natural health revitalize and mineralization the body: this is that has advocated at the end of XIX century biologist Rene Quinton has been emulated.

The ancients knew the benefits of seawater

Already in antiquity, Hippocrates, Plato, Euripides praised the benefits of seawater “The sea washes the pain of all men” said Euripides (420 BC). However, it was essentially taking baths. Some Roman baths were supplied with seawater If Ambrose Parr in the sixteenth century advocated by the trauma of the seaside, it was not until the nineteenth century there appeared the idea of ​​drinking.

Rene Quinton demonstrates the similarities between sea water and our bodies

French biologist Rene Quinton (1857 – 1925) conducts research on seawater and in 1904 published “Sea water, organic medium.” It is shown that the human body consists of 70% water, our organic medium, the plasma that surrounds the cells is similar to seawater He continued his research to produce a plasma as it offers marine food supplement.


Seawater: a concentrate of all the elements

Seawater contains indeed all components of our land and its people, who are on the periodic table of elements. For proponents of the use of sea water, it cleanses our body and brings the elements it needs and that it is sometimes deficient, especially minerals. Its use is recommended in either attack treatment to eliminate toxins, either cure over time to strengthen the body.

How to drink sea water

The problem is that sea water is salty. It contains 36 g of salt per liter while our needs amount to only 9 g per day. So if you drink only water sea if shipwrecked without resources or too much sea water, our body will eliminate the excess salt and dehydrate. So whether or cure in case of shipwreck, take a number of precautions. Counseling for survivors emphasize the gradual absorption, mixed with fresh water, in the case where they have obviously managed to keep some provisions. And they extend their freshwater and body will be less attacked. Note that when Alain Bombard says, wrecked voluntary survived without provisions, he fished fish which he extracted water, 1/3 less salty than sea water, and collecting water rain.

Direct collection or purchase bulbs

If we make a cure of seawater, there are two solutions: buy bulbs or take directly into the sea! It can absorb in two forms: hypersonic, that is to say pure, or isotonic, diluted with fresh water. Bulbs seawater are offered by different producers which draw off and deep, filter and treat it so as to eliminate any risk of contamination by any pollution. For cons, the Spaniard Mariano Arnal, creator of the Aqua Maris Institute in Barcelona, ​​which advocates the use of seawater, explains how his own collection:

* in an open site on a rocky coast, where swimming is allowed (green flag)
* a day of calm weather,
* forward in the water until you have to shoulder holding a stoppered flask under water;
* and then open the container, fill the capsule.

There is more to eat! Professor Arnal advise however that begin gradually in either hypersonic or isotonic. Can increase the dose when it finds no adverse effects. You can also use sea water as the cooking water. Note that the consumption of sea water is not recommended in cases of hypertension and hyperthyroidism.