For someone who wants to give up smoking, switching to electronic cigarettes might be the best solution. There are also other solutions to replace nicotine, like medical prescriptions and psychological guidance, plasterers or pills, but studies have shown that administering nicotine isn’t enough to treat this addiction. It is said that the behavioral aspects are equally, if not more important.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of electronic cigarettes is that, unlike plasters, gum, pills or regular alternatives, the electronic cigarettes isn’t necessarily a method meant to make you quit smoking, but rather an alternative to it, which means that people will be more relaxed when presented with this solution.


A study in particular, which was conducted in 2005 by Addiction, managed to reveal some interesting things. During the research, a group of smokers was given e-cigarettes without nicotine, and the other group received no cigarettes, plasters or pills. After a period of five days, withdrawal symptoms were more severe at the people in the second group. In conclusion, the behavioral stimulus was capable of repressing some of the side-effects.

The most important stimulus suppressed, for some people, especially women, is the need for sweets. The explanation is very simple, binging sweets is associated with the anxiety resulted from doing nothing. Smokers usually smoke out of reflex, and when they cannot do so, they try to do something else. The study also showed that the need to smoke has been resolved. However the conclusion of the study was that although e-cigarettes, like the Blu electronic cigarette, can reduce addiction to smoking, it cannot eliminate the withdrawal symptoms entirely. As a result, a solid theoretic basis is given to the fight against smoking addiction: the realization that the psychological needs are more important than the physical ones.

However many anti-smoking associations did not respond well to the credits given to electronic cigarettes in the healing process. In their opinion, the fact that e-cigarettes do not contain nicotine means that they are useless in the fight with addiction. It is no surprise that with a powerful company like Big Pharma, the accent has fallen on the nicotine replacement therapy.

Whatever the solution, one thing is certain: electronic cigarettes represent a huge innovation, and can become a very important element in curing nicotine addiction. Although it is not expected to be cured only by these means, but by a satisfying the physical and behavioral stimulus.

However, more scientific studies are needed before formulating a conclusion. It might be a little premature, but with the success rates that it has, the electronic cigarette might just be the solution of the future.