“Blood is the most precious gift we can give to another person: the gift of life.”

The blood is so complex that nobody in the world, has managed to reproduce it artificially, the only way out is that people give away a small amount of blood flowing through his veins. Being a blood donor is easy, not painful and in very few minutes, give part of our lives to save other human beings. It is also important to make the blood donation in a constant activity in our lives. Men can donate blood every four months and women every three months a year.


Donating blood does not increase or decrease the weight of a person

Unfortunately, many people due to lack of information does not share his blood. “Donating blood does not get fat or weak.” Indeed, it was found that blood donation leave many benefits for health, as it allows blood cells renew and greater oxygenation of organs and tissues, without risk.

What are the requirements to donate blood?

¤Age: Between 18 and 65.
¤Weight: More than 50 kilos.
¤Having a good health.
¤Can not donate fasting.
¤Do not make risky practices that facilitate the spread of hepatitis or AIDS.

The history of illnesses, operations or taking drugs should be assessed by the physician responsible for the donation drive. Not having traveled in the last year, malaria-endemic areas (some countries of Latin America, Africa and Asia).

No gifts

¤If you have flu.
¤If you drank alcohol recently.
¤If you consume psychoactive substances.
¤If you are HIV positive or have AIDS.
¤If you submit a history of leukemia, hepatitis, cancer, syphilis, or other sexual infection.
¤If you have promiscuous sexual behavior.


¤A trained professional makes reading a questionnaire, with conditions to donate.
¤All materials used for donation are new, sterile therefore not infect of any disease for donating blood.
¤After donating drink plenty of fluids and not exercising hard.

Finely note that a simple blood bag deposited 450 cc. With this small amount can not only help save one life, but up to three lives. Therefore, if you want to be a volunteer donor blood and qualify, you must go to a blood bank or transfusion center, there to draw your blood, analyze, maintain and distribute the hospitals and clinics, because many cancer patients, severe anemia, leukemia, accident victims, surgery or other illnesses, urging blood transfusions and blood products to improve their health or survival.