In Austria alone, each year thousands of registered cases of domestic violence, not to mention the number of unreported altogether. As it is, and help others and to which bodies you can turn to, you can read here .

Reports of domestic violence are not isolated cases far more. The data presented by the media stories have goose bumps, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Stands for many families, both physical and psychological violence on the agenda. As domestic violence, both the violent conduct between spouses and between parents and children is called. It should be noted that violence by children against their parents is not as rare as might be accepted. Aggressive computer games and movies, many children turn into little “monster” who have their aggression is no longer under control and let their emotions and their parents to free operation. The violence between siblings in the context of domestic violence must be mentioned. Little banter and teasing between siblings are normal and probably not of concern, however, is the limit, to violence often blurred.


Domestic violence – a cry for help?

The feeling of being oppressed, being in other areas of life, their own experiences with violence in the past, overwork, stress, health problems, existential fears . The list of factors that may be relevant to all forms of domestic violence could be continued long. Among the mentioned aspects are often more alcohol and drug abuse an aggravating circumstance. Perpetrators and victims are often in a vicious circle of violence, guilt and substance abuse that does not seem to stop.

The role of victim

The situation seems logical: You will be victims of domestic violence, call the police and separates in doubt of the person. So simple it could be – the reality is often quite different. Victims of domestic violence, begin with the time to look for the blame to himself. The partner will be upgraded and his actions seem less weighty. Often there is also financial dependence or pathological love that victims ‘help’ to endure their situation in silence. Especially in children it is the unconditional love that parents are met with, which allows it not to see their own parents as perpetrators of violence.

Helping people help themselves

Whether violence is observed within a family or experienced firsthand, it’s never too late to take the first step. Away from neighbors, the “all terms of anything anyway,” or out of the helpless victim. They are active, a reformer, war, misery and violence can not prevent, however, pain and suffering very much in the immediate vicinity.

Here you can find help and advice

In addition to various emergency numbers that can be called at any time, in Austria there are a number of facilities for victims of domestic violence with assistance and expertise to the side: more right in the box!

Focal Points

Several women’s shelters in various cities in Austria can be studied in severe violence. Information on the locations of refuges can be found in all phone books and information centers of your city. Doctors and medical staff provide a helpful option to experience domestic violence dar.