Lifting, liposuction, breast implant, cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular. These interventions she became too mundane?

For several years, cosmetic surgery has lost its marginality to become almost commonplace. An increasing number of women and even men use them to improve their appearance, to correct the effects of aging and sometimes in order to increase their self-esteem. We tend to trivialize cosmetic surgery? Does it give you powers that it does not?

The secret to enhancing social

Once any change in physical appearance was a closely guarded secret, even when it was just an ordinary hair dye. Only her hairdresser or surgeon knew it! Nowadays when surgery celebrities make headlines, we boast almost! Cosmetic surgery has become a status symbol and control over a body that is more than a malleable lump of clay can be modified to infinity.

Body modification and body image

While cosmetic surgery is normally a physical change, emissions metamorphosis much emphasis on the beneficial psychological effects of cosmetic surgery, to the point of presenting it as a panacea for body image issues. Is attributed to the improvement in the appearance of power also improve self-confidence, social life and even love. A person with a physical defect which earned him major teasing and occupying all her thoughts may actually feel better in your body after a surgery, although in cases of congenital or accidental damage, we speak more often plastic surgery (restorative) aesthetic. However, what is seen as a physical defect may vary greatly from person to person, some people making equal small breasts and a harelip!


The influence of the media

If many complex physical due to physical features “non-standard”, many develop in people who compare themselves to idealized models of beauty in the media. The stars of TV and film, as well as models, will always show their best and some of these people have themselves undergone plastic surgery to look like they have. In fashion magazines, the photos are always retouched. We are not talking here only adjust lighting or delete a button, but outright fakes! Eye color, skin or hair of a model can be changed, the elongated neck, eyebrows raised, etc.. We therefore present body do not actually exist. In addition, the models are often much younger than the target audience of some advertisements (anti-cellulite cream or anti-wrinkle, gray hair dye, etc).

Identify the reasons why we opt for surgery

Before opting for an expensive and may cause effects, it is important to consider the reasons for our decision. Is it a question of treating an abnormality body, improve an aspect of our appearance, eliminate the signs of aging or increase our power of seduction? In the case of a “physical defect”, it is really stigmatizing or do we give it more importance than it really?

In the case of a self-esteem problem, it is important to know the sources. The appearance is not always involved or at least not as much as people think. Many people, especially women, multiply the surgery in the hope of getting to feel more confident without ever succeeding because their problem is elsewhere (emotional deprivation, social rejection, trauma, etc.). It is important to have realistic expectations of the surgery. It does not have the power to make a person happy, and can not guarantee a better self-esteem.