The dislocation for definition which is an anatomical results in the loss of the relationship between the articular heads of a joint. May be complete, when the loss is total, incomplete, in the case where there remains a partial contact. Depending on the nature, it is called congenital dislocation (present from birth), pathological (due to an illness, coma arthritis) or trauma. The latter occurs as a result of a trauma that causes the movement of bone ends. The most frequently affecting the shoulder, the knee cap and the knee, the hip and elbow.

The causes

The causes of dislocation can be traced to a traumatic event, which often is characterized by a certain severity, as the ligaments of the joints are rugged and requires a considerable impact that occurs, occurs because the loss of articular relations. Sometimes the whole is accompanied by tearing or stretching. Sometimes it can be damaged even nervous structures and the vascular.

Many traumatic dislocations occur as a result of the practice of some sports activities at risk, such as, for example, football, basketball, skiing, rugby or other sports that require considerable physical effort. Acute or chronic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, muscle spasms or paralysis of muscle groups are the basis of pathological forms. The type of congenital dislocation of the most common is that relating to the hip, which affects mostly female infants and for which it is required early intervention.



The symptoms of dislocation, especially in cases of trauma, are represented by a pain suddenly becomes acute on palpation, the swelling and abrasions and bruising, numbness and deformation of the joint and the inability to perform appropriate movements. It often happens that the deformation is visible and palpable and numbness may also affect the anatomical area below.


The treatment for the dislocation consists in making early interventions that involve keeping up and immobilized the structure, it is desirable to provide for a bandage is not very rigid and apply the cold compresses. Following recourse must be had to the reduction of the dislocation by means of surgery, to avoid that alterations of the capsule can lead to complications. Finally, it must undergo treatment to rehabilitation, restoring mobility and joint function. This must be done not earlier than engage in a period of rest, which varies depending on the severity of the problem, ranging from a week to a month. In case the pain should be particularly strong, can be used anti-inflammatory and analgesics.