There is much talk of “what makes you fat”, much less what harms. Some foods, and not those which we think are carcinogenic.

It is clear that cancer does not develop overnight after an excess of red meat or fried but better avoid taking bad habits. Brief overview of foods that you should be wary if they are consumed frequently and in large quantities. Surprises await us, as it is in most cases of food look very innocent. as indicated by a study by The Journal of Bio-Energy (41 October 2009). The magazine was first stressed the importance of eating just to satisfy his hunger, but no more. He also pointed cereals (especially those that have been refined). Under the headline “Cancer: foods to decrease,” the journalist Thierry Souccar toured those, of course, do not turn away completely, but consumption regulated avoid many inconveniences, dairy products, fried foods, red meat, charcuterie and salt.

Stop eating too much salt

The report’s author recommends buying health food store or pharmacy salts containing potassium insofar as they are low in sodium chloride. This does not exempt us to reduce our consumption of products high in salt bread, pizza, quiche or slightly decrease the amount of salt that we add in the kitchen during food preparation. But all this makes sense. However, the article offers some surprises surprises, alas, disturbing.


More surprising: Beware of dairy

“Health authorities advise to consume all life 3-4 dairy products per day, writes Thierry Souccar . But the one hand, there is absolutely no evidence that doing so prevents osteoporosis is on the other hand, several epidemiological studies have found a link between dairy consumption and advocated at risk aggressive prostate cancer in men and the risk of ovarian cancer in women. ” Dairy products, we explained it, increase the amount of IGF-1, a growth factor that promotes the body’s cells to multiply, and thus cancer cells as well as non-cancerous. They also provide with the exception of cheese lactose which is toxic to the ovaries. So, ladies, rather than yogurt (even at 0%!), A piece of cheese seems warranted.

However, it says so much milk

In reality, it is calcium needed by our body, dietary calcium found in sardines in cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, turnips) and just water. As a result you no longer need two instead of four dairy.

We begin to know: fries are bad

They contain products from the breakdown of fats, thus increasing the toxic load of the body.

Ditto for meats

This too we begin to know while ignoring why. It is mainly meats that are involved: their consumers have a higher risk of cancer of the digestive tract. It appears (again) that it is necessary to question the salt, but more specifically in this case, sodium nitrite (nitrite may in certain circumstances give rise to carcinogenic nitrosamines called).

Finally red meat

For us, the French, it will probably be the big heart-breaking study as our English friends will not cure: while vegetable proteins are harmless animal proteins are also increasing the amount of IGF-1. In addition, an excess of red meat results in an excess of iron in the body, particularly in humans, in general, and women over 50 years. And carcinogenic nitrosamines already mentioned then appear by the interaction of dietary iron and nitrates. And, contrary to what we tend to believe it does not seem that cooking plays a role in short, red meat, whether cooked very or slightly fried, is a food to eat.