Childbirth is a natural process, however, it happens that the mother wants a painless childbirth, or while facing some health problems and can not consider natural childbirth. Thus we can distinguish between different types of labor. First, there is of course natural childbirth, childbirth triggered and then finally instrumental extractions.

This type of birth takes place in the most natural way possible. During labor and childbirth itself, no position is placed on the woman. The latter is completely at ease and must face the pain of childbirth without an epidural. Episiotomy which consists of incising the vulva and perineal muscles is not done in a systematic way and runs only in an emergency. The mother may also refuse to be polled or shaved. During a natural childbirth, it is possible to be accompanied by her spouse or companion. Nothing is precipitated during labor and delivery is certainly not accelerated by hormones to trigger artificial rupture of the amniotic sac. Once the baby is born, the mother may choose to breastfeed her child immediately.

It is important to note that natural childbirth necessarily happens in an environment that is perfect for the woman. Generally, it takes place in a hospital or in a medical office and a special room is available to him, offering simple but effective equipment. In case of complications or if the woman wishes finally an epidural to alleviate the pain, a medical team is ready to intervene at any moment.

Female doctor  listen the belly of a pregnant woman

Childbirth triggered

It is possible to distinguish between two types of delivery triggered. The first type is the chemical trigger during which use a drug product name or Oxytocin Syntocinon which can produce or strengthen contractions. This drug is made with the same natural molecule that causes deliveries during natural childbirth. It is used when the cervix is ​​open and the baby can come out, but more importantly, where the birth should be expedited. Expedite delivery can occur in two cases: the birth mother wants a specific date knowing that the baby is no risk in leaving this date, or when the mother or child is in trouble and the date of the delivery should be advanced.

In Chapter deliveries triggered, there is also the cesarean is actually a surgery to give birth to the baby. A cesarean section can be programmed for different reasons: the mother’s pelvis is too narrow and can not pass up the child, the baby is breech, the baby is too big, the baby has health problems, the Mother natural childbirth fears and program delivery at a date decided by mutual agreement with his doctor, etc..

As an intervention surgery, caesarean section must necessarily take place in an operating theater. It is done under anesthesia, epidural or spinal anesthesia. In exceptional cases and extreme it may be done under general anesthesia where a horizontal incision is made near the pubic bone and the operation lasts about an hour. Note that to get the baby to take more than ten minutes. This is the suture of the incision that takes a lot of time. The young mother will then spend a week in the hospital.

Instrumental extractions

An instrumental is inevitable when the baby resist eviction. This type of delivery also occurs when the mother can no longer grow and feel too exhausted to expel the child. This situation usually occurs for primiparous. In this case, doctors make use of special tools to help baby out of the womb and prevent complications which impacts may be irreversible and damaging to the health of the baby.

It is important to note that doctors and other specialists childbirth can make use of extraction instruments when the child is engaged and is located in the pelvis of the mother and provided that the position of the baby must also be known. In this case, only an obstetrician is authorized to deliver the mother and episiotomy is inevitable. Before calling instrument, the mother is anesthetized locally or generally.

There are various tools that can be used to extract the baby. The forceps is as a clamp that has two blades that will be placed gently around the child’s head. The handles of the forceps are then drawn gently outward so that baby can go out. The vacuum extraction are instruments of metal or plastic that are linked to a suction device. These cups are placed on top of the child’s head and a small chain will then bring out the newborn. Finally, spatulas very similar to forceps, but the difference lies in the fact that the two sets of paddles are not connected with each other and can be manipulated independently.