For some time, we talk a lot of electronic cigarettes. Person, at the moment seems to be agreement on the risks they pose. This however is the first product sold to help smokers quit smoking.
The most important is e-liquid and found it. Their range seems limitless, traditional and original flavors, so that everyone will find happiness.

Wean themselves with e-liquid nicotine

Before choosing the e-liquid, we must first ask whether e-liquid you want with or without nicotine. In other terms, it is necessary to know the level of dependence the nicotine and if you really want to quit, which means that we will have to wean. One then finds the same sensations, and this lack which disappears after a few puffs. And for those who want to wean, there are many e-liquid nicotine.


If the addiction to nicotine is gone, it’s time to savor the many flavors available. Make Farewell to odors of cigarettes, instead, enjoy the scents of orange, apple or coconut, more exotic. If you prefer gourmet flavors, will orient you to the flavors of gingerbread, coffee or cinnamon. The female consumers in raffollent! And if you have a little lacking flavors of tobacco brown, blonde, menthol or American are available. So it has everything a cigarette without nicotine, and without the countless harmful and carcinogenic substances.

How to choose between disposable and rechargeable cigarette?

To get an idea of ​​what an electronic cigarette, it is very simple: just buy a disposable cigarette store. There are hundreds of cheap varieties, but beware of low prices. They do not bring satisfaction and you will not have the ability to objectively judge the electronic cigarette. Not making mistakes, sellers will be happy to answer your questions and compare offers. The disposable electronic cigarette is an ideal solution for temporary use. In general, such a cigarette can be drawn about 400 puffs, at this level, the liquid was consumed, and the cigarette has an appointment with the trash.

About 400 puffs can be drawn, but these data may vary depending on the variety. Regarding the price, a reliable model costing around 40 euros. If the experiment is successful, you can buy a model of the same brand but rechargeable and savor every flavor available one after another for different pleasures. To conclude, it is clear that the range of e-liquid is large and allows for different uses of the electronic cigarette. It’s a bit like having a cigarette 2-in-1, is free to e-liquid nicotine or opt for an original and exotic fragrance without nicotine. Whatever happens, the smoker still performs his act, cigarette in hand, but he can not wean in the second hypothesis. And to give it a try, it is best to purchase a disposable cigarette.