Losing weight is not always easy to quarantine. Moreover, the body has specific needs that must be respected. Tips to lose weight at age 40.

A quarantine must consolidate the gains of the previous decade and especially not to mortgage the following, which should be a bit tricky side weight: menopause requires. This is largely preventive, but also to reduce risks of osteoporosis and menopausal symptoms.

40 years: balance your diet

And not very strict diet, rather food rebalancing which aims to avoid the shortcomings that could be dangerous in terms of health and wellbeing for years to come. During this period, it should not simply ignore or dairy products on the greens providers calcium. To consume sufficient essential fatty acids, can be consumed nuts, almonds. Consumption of fruits and vegetables thanks to their content in antioxidants and omega 3 is the assurance of an elastic skin and good bone density.


40: Smart snacking

For those who can not stop snacking, snacks dietary priority: an apple, yogurt or even two slices of “bread should have an appetite suppressant to wait for the next meal. This will stall the munchies often common at this age, without rushing on chocolate bars, pastries and other sweets without pity for the silhouette. The practice of a sport is again highly recommended. Those who do not usually play sports, swimming or water aerobics are all indicated for sculpting the muscles. It is recommended to perform activities of muscle with the help of a professional sports to prevent injuries, especially back.

Example of day slimming 40 years

To start your day and fill up on antioxidants nothing like a glass of fresh juice or exotic fruit salad (mango, papaya), a tea or coffee without sugar, a yoghurt accompanied by two slices of lightly buttered bread. At lunchtime, oily fish on the menu for the intake of Omega 3 along with steamed green vegetables and a serving of rice for example, then fresh fruit. The evening meal will be heavily loaded with raw or cooked vegetables seasoned with a drizzle of olive oil and spices and will include a dairy product (cheese) and a fruit compote as such.