The body’s needs change over time. So to lose a few pounds, you must adapt your diet according to age. How to eat 30?

Thirty years is a good age side weight because it is much easier to offload a few extra pounds than twenty years later. Moreover, it is an ideal age to have a stronger physical activity that will both boost morale through hormones of pleasure (endorphins) secreted during a cycling session, jogging but also to release tension after a workday and strengthen the muscles and fight against sagging body.

30 years: healthy eating and physical activity

The common mistake at this age is to want to hunt pounds by eliminating all traces of his plate of lipids (fats) or the body needs essential fatty acids to function but also for aging well. The priority is rather to reduce the simple sugars (cakes, sweets) in favor of carbohydrates (rice, pasta, cereal) to consume preferably in the morning and at noon. It should also limit (not eliminate) the fat and focus on vegetable fats (olive oil). 30 years: no restrictions too severe at this time of life, avoid overly restrictive diets that may lead to the famous yo-yo effect (reversal of weight to stop the plan) because the body stores periods of deprivation and offsets from the resumption of a normal diet from the perspective of another phase restrictive!


Take time to eat

Often, we must also review its way of eating: avoid meals on the go. Take the time to eat so that the brain sends a message of fullness in the stomach which then cease to claim support. More generally, we must be attentive to his body and his feelings and desires that meet a nutritional need and then also keep in mind the notion of pleasure: food should not be an event or cause frustration because it is the best solution to crack heavily on food that we are forbidden!

Example of such thinness day to 30 years

At this age, one day slim type is composed of a full breakfast, a real lunch and light dinner. To compensate for the long overnight fast, you have a hot drink (coffee or tea) without sugar, a bowl of muesli with skim milk and fruit (kiwi, orange) For the lunch break, take the time (one hour) to regain strength by eating raw vegetables, meat for protein with rice, pasta. without sauce and fruit. In the evening, the fish in foil, for example, steamed vegetables, yogurt or cottage cheese and a fruit will be ample.