30, 40 or 50 years? Do not follow the same diet to lose weight because every age has special needs: adapting your diet. Advice.

At age 25, a woman takes on average one kilogram every five years. This weight gain is influenced by natural hormonal changes that occur in women over the years. and, almost inevitably, fat mass and lean mass replaces the pounds settle. Yet that did not irremediable. A balanced diet of essential nutrients can limit the impact on weight. But all plans are not good by age. Indeed, the restrictions imposed by some plans may have disastrous effects by generating deficiencies (calcium at menopause for example). It should adapt its power not only in quantity but also quality to the needs of her biological clock that vary by age among others.

50: Station to weight gain

There is no miracle diet to offload a few pounds at this age but best to avoid all food programs are too restrictive and then implement it with medical supervision. We must avoid all schemes that generate deficiencies dissociated very damaging at this time of hormonal upheaval that is menopause. Only food diversification allows a good nutritional balance.


Although weight gain during menopause is common, it does not mean a fatality. Although the basal metabolism decreases: this means that the body needs less energy for vital functions before. This is why it should also reduce the daily otherwise it is a weight gain assured. But not so anarchic and very restrictive. We must therefore avoid simple sugars in foods with high glycemic index (cakes, pastries, candy. but also industrial products) because they do lead to insulin secretion that turns them into fat.

50 years: low glycemic index foods, soft gym and walking

We must focus on low glycemic index foods such as unrefined products and fresh vegetables, and do not banish from his diet dairy products as well as essential fatty acids, essential at this time. It is also important to practice sport regularly to compensate for the decrease in muscle mass (FFM) which decreased by 30% every ten years. Nordic walking, soft gym, tai chi chuan are good allies to maintain optimal muscle.

50: one day slimming kind

The leitmotiv of the diet should be pleasure. Quality must take precedence over quantity for a balanced diet. Thus, for breakfast you can accompany coffee or tea without sugar grilled toasts, cottage cheese, honey and fresh fruits (raspberries). At lunch, vegetables or seafood, white meat and steamed vegetables suront compensate a fun dessert (ice cream, cupcake). Finally, dinner will be light: fish, seafood and fresh fruit salad.