The diet of green coffee is the new fad of the moment; it seems that this food is the perfect ally to lose weight. But is it true? The connoisseurs of this drink fond of pointing out how the green coffee contains natural molecules that have a polycyclic action on adipose tissue; this means a slimming faster and more consistent. According to nutritionists, however, the diet of green coffee would be just a hoax because it has not been scientifically proven its ability to dissolve fat. What the experts say it is therefore always the same rule for losing weight is important to do physical activity and follow a balanced diet and low-calorie.


Diet of green coffee, how does

green coffee would be the ideal solution to the problem of overweight. This would then drink some important properties that are useful to melt fat but the truth, also emphasized by the experts, is that if you can not expect to lose weight if you do not practice a bit of physical activity and follow a balanced low-calorie diet. In green coffee, however, we find a smaller dose of caffeine than coffee classic is a drink from the effects of health benefits because it contains ferule acid, tannin acid, acid quintic, various antioxidants, many poly phenols, minerals and vitamins of the vitamin B complex Those who want to try this diet, a low-calorie diet, this must match a cup of coffee at breakfast. If you want to try to prepare yourself your coffee you will have to pound in a mortar green seeds: put the powder obtained in a container with water at 80 ° C, allow to infuse and then filtered.

The green coffee really need to lose weight?

On the properties of coffee, how to protect against cardiovascular disease, it is always much discussion. The concerns of the experts on the slimming properties of this drink, however, are many: “It is at least questionable research,” said Fausta Natella, Inran Researcher, National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition “that offers no basis scientific to say that the green coffee slimming face. ” “It ‘s worrying that you create a fashion spread of wrong information. Consumers need to know that there are foods or derivatives of foods that help you lose weight quickly, if not a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle: eat little, well, varied and do physical activity, “concluded the expert.