Some people often highlight the problem of “bacon”, often caused by poor parenting or lack of exercise or foods that can promote swelling in the abdomen. However, there are some easy strategies to counteract this problem, let us see an effective diet for flat belly.

In men, if you develop a problem of overweight, resulting in “bacon” will highlight the typical form android, where fat deposit is localized on the belly. Instead, in women this issue highlight the typical gynoid shape, where fat will be located on buttocks, thighs, arms, and in some cases even in the abdomen. gynoid obesity also called peripheral obesity, subcutaneous or pear: typically feminine distribution of adipose mass occupying the lower half of the abdomen, in the gluteal region and hip fractures. The fat is found primarily in the subcutaneous compartment, the relationship between the superficial and deep fat is very high. obesity android also called central or visceral typically male, is associated with a greater distribution of adipose tissue in the abdominal region, chest, back.

diet-for- flat-stomach

The fat will be present especially in the abdomen. Tips to get a flat stomach The premise is sure to be the one to always follow a balanced diet throughout the year, because it has a great sense of logical undergo extreme diets just before the summer holidays, or just after the Christmas holidays. At the proper nutrition should always be associated with a physical activity that stimulate your metabolism and not to accumulate, due to a sedentary lifestyle, the fat in the abdomen. Dieting for flat stomach Among the group of foods to choose from to keep a flat stomach, in the first place will surely vegetables, also linked to bowel function: if the gut is functioning properly, is not lazy and everyday plays its important role, most likely we will have an advantage on maintaining a flat tummy! Vegetables are rich in fiber and, like the fruit, bring lots of vitamins to the body, just think of the kiwi, rich in vitamin C and able to regularize the bowel, which contribute naturally to the belly flat.

Another tip is to learn about good food and create the right food combinations, in this way you avoid foods that, when taken together, may create problems instead of helping, especially malabsorption and fermentation. Among the recommended foods, as well as the above vegetables and fruits, do not forget the probiotics, within the discourse of functional food. In this regard are particularly recommended dairy products, such as low-fat yogurt, low-calorie and able to make many healthy elements such as calcium, ally in the fight against osteoporosis. A further suggestion would be to eat fruits and vegetables between meals, especially if you have a tendency to feel after lunch swollen belly. Then use them as a healthy snack mid-morning or mid-afternoon and you’ll soon see the benefits, both on health, both on the line.

For a flat stomach then do not forget to prefer whole grain products, than refined! Bread, pasta, rice and baked grains are richer in minerals and vitamins, they are also an incomparable source of fiber. indicated cooking foods such as meat or fish will be cooked with very simple means, preferring such as steaming or to the grid, instead of avoiding prolonged cooking stewed or fried, which would increase the intake of fat and seasonings of various kinds. Avoid to maintain a flat stomach very sweet and high-fat foods, as well as the calories often useless, even at weigh aesthetic and balance. The same goes for sugary drinks, which can cause easy because fermentation rich in sugar, and drink alcohol in general. Attention also to those suffering from colitis, foods such as milk and other fresh cheeses may adversely affect the volume of the stomach.