Good hydration is especially important for diabetics. Type 1 diabetes, thus lowering their blood sugar levels and may prevent hyperglycaemia (hyperglycemia). Type 2 diabetes also benefit: they can to delay so the late effects of diseases such as kidney damage.

This is a finding of the study by Dr. Friedrich Manz and Andreas Wentz, the Nutrition Review published in June 2005. A good liquid dispenser and thirst quencher is water. It is always available in good quality and free of calories. So far, should only type 1 diabetics with kidney disease to increase their fluid intake to three liters or more. The study by Manz and Wentz, however, shows that good hydration helps prevent chronic disease conditions. The German Diabetes Center encourages all patients to drink enough, the blood “thin” to hold. At least two liters of water a day it should be, so that the body well supplied with nutrients and supports the kidney in the blood glucose excretion.


Drinking water is ideal as a liquid dispenser and thirst quencher. It is in good quality and always available on top of that calorie-free. Who’s may not always pure, bubble up, it can provide by itself remixed spritzers for diversion or enjoy it as a fruit or herbal tea. Diabetes mellitus, also known as diabetes is one of the most common metabolic disease in Germany. About eight percent of the population suffer from diabetes. In particular, the type 2 diabetes, of which 90 percent of all diabetics are affected, is on the rise and is seen as a result of personal behavior in an “affluent society”. By real food & beverage, a normal weight and exercise can counteract the disease.

In type 1 diabetes, the body’s immune system destroys the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. Sufferers must inject insulin throughout their lives, to avoid serious metabolic alterations.
In type 2 diabetes, the effect of insulin on the cells of the body is reduced. The pancreas produces more to compensate . more insulin until eventually breaks down the distribution.