Environmental toxins, poor diet and stress poison our bodies. These toxins have long term damaging effects on body and psyche. Detoxing is the detoxification of the body to regain energy for work and everyday life.

Detoxing is a term from the English term detoxification. The body’s daily pollutants like exhaust fumes, ozone or UV radiation. But too little sleep, unbalanced diet with vitamins and a little too little leisure time, sooner or later the body literally poisoning. The book Detox Your Life addresses these states of intoxication and body will help. It is advised that poisons the body and what he is doing well. As existing toxins can be transported from the body and prevents the uptake of new.


Light on products, alcohol, stimulants like coffee and cigarettes, trans fats, and even on the ever-popular mobile phone is nothing good left. All of them, and many more contribute to the poisoning of the body, and sooner or later contribute to physical and psychological damage. If you live a healthy life full of well-being, wants to lead a good humor and zest for life, should give up the toxins and highly detoxifier eat. Detoxing the term, which is likely still in its infancy, and most people is not a common expression, is also clearly explained, described and examined from all sides.

But the detox products and materials are described in detail. Water, seeds and nuts, vitamins, and many, many more will help it to carry out the toxins from the body and in turn contribute to energy and satisfaction. In addition to a detox week plan, the book features many great and extraordinary recipes that inspire you to cook and experiment. Cucumber and grapefruit salad with salmon or pork tenderloin with sweet sauerkraut, and feel like Detoxing can be nachgekocht easy and uncomplicated. Each recipe is provided with a figure of that restaurant, so that the serving no problems. The eye eats so well known with.

The index is structured in detail and clearly, making it possible to consider that geschmökert again and scrolled. It is not necessary to read the book in one piece. The individual parts together does not hang together, the reader, however, still feel that a common thread runs through the structuring of the entire book. Detox your Life is a great and detailed guide on detoxification. Harmful substances that everyone takes a day to themselves, are revealed and described the negative effects. Educational work is operated in the same way as self-help. Definitely worth a look, the book “Detox Your Life” is a great companion on his way to a healthier, detoxified life.