Depression affects a large proportion of world population, causing, among other consequences, serious marital problems and marriage.

Specialists clarify the issue of departure is not the same be depressed to have depression . The first is part of a more or less common dynamic where you can have mood disturbances for various reasons, including for positive news, but are temporary. The second is a disease that must be diagnosed by a mental health expert must have a specific treatment for patient characteristics. In this case, the words are similar, but the effects are different. The psychiatrist and Chilean playwright Marco Antonio de la Parra in his book Overcoming Depression (Santiago: Ediciones B, 2009) argues that ” no one is more like the sad and depressing that no more than “adding that” walk through of the deepest sorrow can still see the light at the end of the tunnel. In depression, however, in complete darkness . ”

For his part, Dr. Adrian Cano Prous , Mexican psychiatrist argues that depressive patients’ strength fails him, he feels sad, dull, tired, touched by any unfortunate event in the world, wanting to mourn and not wanting to see anyone. Feel failure and despair, wants being alone, lying, without disturbance or sensory stimuli, no appetite, and broken sleep. also can not perform their usual work normally and affected social relationships, marriage and family ” . It is in this latter context that is irrelevant to this article, the effects of depression on family relationships, couples and marriage.


Adaptation and marital satisfaction

For a long time to depression was treated exclusively as a problem with drugs multisintomatico without considering other factors . The current trend is to understand the psychosocial contexts play an important role in the emergence of the disease and its persistence over time. According to Dr. Cano, adjustment and marital satisfaction plays a major role ” in the production and maintenance of depressive symptoms ” . Even the experts do not fully agree on whether marital conflict or generate depression is reversed, however, means that it is definitely a serious deterioration factor. Dr. Cano explained that there could be ” a third variable that mediates between the other two, personality factors, difficulties in social relationships, self-esteem of spouses, inequalities of power in marriage ” .

Depression and communication

Depression causes, among other consequences, communication problems, making it difficult family dynamics and problem solving. Dr. de la Parra holds in the text quoted above, that when you are depressed ” tell do not know, or believe that no one will understand or at counting, going to exaggerate things, or worse, we think if you are aware of our pain will recede. So we do not have anything better . “This situation clearly creates conflicts of understanding since the couple or family does not understand what is happening in the mind that is affected by the disease.

Marital satisfaction and depression

A group of professionals from the Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology at the University Clinic in Pamplona, ​​reports Dr. Cano, studied a group of couples and notes that the level of comfort and satisfaction is altered by depressive severe. Marriages where there were some symptoms of depression were less satisfaction, even after six months past the problem. However, the same study shows that ” when analyzing the relationship between marital functioning and the ability to cure depressive disorder, looked the more satisfied the marriage was a sick spouse or less wanted to make changes in your marriage relationship at the onset, the more likely to overcome depressive disorder ” . This implies that marital satisfaction before disease occurs, play a key role in overcoming problems of depression, evidently with therapeutic help from experts.

Divorce, bad relationship and depression

Studies show that people who divorce and have relationship problems are more likely to suffer from depression. Dr. Cano argues that ” a poor marital relationship increases between 10 and 25 times more likely to suffer depression. In particular, marital distress and depression can increase up to 70% the possibility of marital separation “. Hence the importance of timely diagnosis and therapies appropriate psychotherapeutic and pharmacological.

Women and Depression

Many studies show that women are more prone to suffer from depression, although men are not free of the disease. But the number of women suffering from major depression is often double that of males. Similarly, those who suffer most marital stress or pain by marital conflict are women who, by education and culture, tend to take on the challenge of married life in a different way to men.


The issue should not be taken lightly. As Dr. de la Parra ” Depression is like a silent lightning pierces us courage. It is anchored in the brain, disrupts the entire endocrine axis and immune systems. From the body attacks the way of feeling there . ” Minimize its effects is an act of irresponsibility. Couples can do much to prevent, raising their level of comfort and satisfaction, if the presence of the disease, be better prepared to face it.