How to feel close to a child who has just arrived in your life? Denial of pregnancy is a reality too often ignored medical

The denial is to deny oneself for a violent emotion. Related, a denial of pregnancy will be defined by the fact that a pregnant woman not to be aware of it. Mysterious wishes, denial is not just as a psychic phenomenon. As can be, particularly, a phantom pregnancy. However, one can not neglect the physical and social environment (family and professional) who does not respond favorably to the mothers of these children. The discovery of pregnancy calls a partial or total denial because it can be continued until delivery.

A child by surprise

How to feel close to a child then decided to come into your life to share? So complacent when others took nine months to prepare to receive a newborn. Although the process of attachment to a child is complex, some mothers will arrive with varying degrees of success. This does not exclude the loving of mother-child pair.

Absence of the mask of pregnancy

Denial footprint the way of a pregnancy that is not seen. Not change markedly disturbs the daily. While the rules or genital bleeding deny any symptoms of nausea, fatigue weight gain and changes in breast size are therefore low. Thus, the body he found it useful? Licensor to the mother as a defense mechanism. The fetus moves little, it grows in secret.


The wonderful moments

Almost nine months, from the positive pregnancy test, complicity which will not be established. There will be no photos of pregnancy, no more memories to share, caresses, singular gestures, unspoken promises. All these rare moments, these wonderful moments showing that the baby is fine. Personal conviction of little clues removed. Latent frustration.

The cause

The origin of a denial of pregnancy is varied and changing. Factors associated with infertility supposed, of closely spaced pregnancies, a family context (found for adolescents), the child of an extramarital affair, an unwanted baby, a pregnancy resulting from sexual assault are essentially the cause.

The risk of infanticide

Also, delivery is then accompanied by a state of amazement. The psychological shock is very important. A fear that one can easily imagine. Especially since the work of layering is very fast and often perceived as a need to defecate: these babies are often born in the toilet. The mother puts highly endangered with risks of bleeding resulting from childbirth. It is not uncommon for a lonely confinement results in the baby’s death. Either accidentally or by a lack care following a head injury or an intervention by the mother.

This brutal confrontation with reality can cause a real panic that can lead to infanticide impulses. Notwithstanding this generates less than 10% of miscarriages of pregnancy. A drama of unusual severity relayed by the media. However, denial of pregnancy remains unknown. The French Association for the Recognition of Pregnancy Denial of fighting for it to be legally recognized. That each woman receives her pregnancy differently. Some mothers will feel when they perceive the baby’s movements, other childbirth, if not much later, gradually, as and when.