On 04/25/2012 is 15 Day against the noise. The motto “Emission: Impossible” is directed against aircraft noise and the noise of children.

The noise is moved by the protests of citizens around Frankfurt and Berlin Brandenburg against the expansion of their airports into consciousness. International Day against noise (International Noise Awareness Day) on 25 April 15th 2012 Time is organized, the main focus is directed against aircraft noise and the increasing noise of children. As can be read on the website of the organizers, lead by WHO and JRC exposure to traffic noise in the European Union and other Western European countries in a calendar year to a loss of more than one million healthy life years. As a result of disease-causing noise are mainly complain about sleep disturbances that lead to mental and physical impairments.

Noise sensitivity is called “hyperacusis”

“It is clear that the noise increases more and more, although the sound has been reduced at the source,” the Professor Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp of the German Society of Acoustics of the magazine “Stern” on the occasion of the day against noise in 2006 quotes. That’s six years ago, and since then have not reduced health effects due to noise. It is a disease that is directly linked to sensitivity to noise: “hyperacusis.” People who are affected by hyperacusis have not heard more pronounced, but their tolerance towards certain sounds and noise levels are very low. An organic damage in the ear or hearing aid is probably not the cause. Scientists assume that noise can not be properly processed or filtered.


Noise levels in classrooms enormously

It has been scientifically proven that noise negatively affects children in their development. By interfering noise, it is possible that the pace of learning is reduced and the memory is impaired. In school buildings will be paid to poor acoustic conditions hardly. Is a classroom equipped with negative acoustic properties, which causes a reverberation time. It has a constant background noise levels as a consequence but also leads to the fact that both teachers and students need to speak louder in order to understand each other. The noise is loud Federal Occupational Safety and medicine between 60 and 80 dB. If the reverberation time is reduced only by 50 percent, it could be 6 dB quieter in the classroom.

Noise impact: Four percent of children starting school suffer from Hochtonschwerhorigkeit

The increasing exposure to noise has frightening implications. How the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) found four percent of first graders who already have Hochtonschwerhorigkeit. The cause is stated that firecrackers, toy pistols and whistles in children’s rooms are now common. In the report of the “star” BZgA expert Eveline Maslo is quoted, who complained in 2006 that even in kindergartens is getting louder: “The children are showered with noise all day,” she said. Overall, the impact of noise greatly tormented people. It is clear that noise causes illness .

Motto “Emission: Impossible” is to raise awareness

Traffic and aircraft noise deprive many victims rest and sleep. Just over a third of all Germans feel annoyed by aircraft noise. Since help with sleep tips slightly. On Noise Awareness Day, the 25th annual April is taking place, with different actions on this development and attention under the motto “Emission: Impossible” are aware of a campaign to combat noise pollution.