The grapefruit seed extract gives very good results in bladder infections, whether chronic or acute. It is a natural antibiotic.

Cystitis is usually caused by bacteria, this is a common condition in women (this is explained by the anatomy: the urethra is very short so the germs back easily). The virtues of grapefruit seed were discovered in 1980 by a gardener also medical physicist. One day he discovered that grapefruit seed of his compost did not rot away! He reproduced this phenomenon in his laboratory and found that the seeds quickly made some harmless bacteria, viruses, fungi .

The grapefruit seed extract: an ideal antiseptic and antibiotic

This extract has a very broad spectrum of action: it is effective on more than 800 strains of bacteria and viruses and about 100 strains of fungi, and a large number of single-celled parasites. But it does not destroy beneficial bacteria in the body (in the intestine, it destroys harmful bacteria but does not affect the essential). It has no toxic effect on the body (should drink 1.3 liters a day!). On the other hand, the product was found not eco-toxic by the FDA, and five years of U.S. studies have proven its perfect biodegradability. Unlike conventional antibiotics, it does not weaken the immune system. It has no side effects on the body, no allergic reactions (but it is always best to first experiment with a small dose).


After absorption, it is quickly effective. He is active in small doses, its antimicrobial action is effective with only 8 drops per glass of water. We start to use more seed extract of grapefruit in the industry, particularly in hospitals for disinfection of rooms, linen and sterilization of surgical and medical equipment (we have found a solution and with nosocomial infections caused by strains resistant to antibiotics?). Some tests on the disinfection of the skin also provides a germicidal 100% of the grapefruit seed extract. It could be used for clean water instead of chlorine, which is already happening in some pools of Thailand or South America, where the chlorine was replaced by this extract.


It should begin treatment with a very low dosage to control the reaction of the organism (one is never safe from an allergic reaction).

Taken internally
It is very effective against cystitis. It reaches many kinds of microorganisms. It is recommended to take 6 to 30 drops of grapefruit seed extract diluted in a glass of water, 2 to 3 times per day. The taste is quite bitter, we can replace the water with fruit juice. It is also advisable, in the case of cystitis, take the last dose before bed. It is of course necessary, in parallel with this treatment, drink plenty of fluids, especially since the death of pathogens can release toxins into the body, we must promote the renal elimination.

To disinfect the machine during cystitis, it is possible to put 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract in the laundry.