A feeling that the bladder would run right over. But despite the strong pressure on the toilet, it trickles sparingly and that too with stinging pain. Almost every woman has already made this hellish experience.

If it catches you, you do not give up, but you are active. Especially at the beginning of a bladder infection, there is still a good chance to fight off the infection. Your advantage: Compared bladder symptoms are the same number of herbs grown. Take advantage of the power plants in acute cystitis, and develop long term, your personal Vorbeugestrategie.

Drink herbal

The bacteria have no chance! But how? Flushing is in order. In addition to water and diluted fruit juices, herbal teas are especially recommended. Suitable herbs are giant goldenrod, nettle and horsetail. The secondary plant compounds of goldenrod are anti-inflammatory and diuretic. The herb has antispasmodic properties and reduces the pressure on the bladder. In a hurry, there are health food store in the ready-mixed kidney bladder tea. All-natural herbal juices promote additional flushing. You should try parsley juice. The vitamin-and mineral-rich “soup cabbage” is a diuretic and a diuretic. It supports the flushing of the urinary tract, thus promoting the washout of germs.


Aromatherapy with lavender

The mind influences the course of a urinary tract infection. Try to relax. It helps a sitz bath with lavender. It works like this: 6-8 drops of lavender oil dissolved in a little vegetable oil and place in the waist-filled bathtub. Set in the middle of the pan, rest your arms. The feet stay during the bath in the tub. Take a dip at 38-39 degrees Celsius for no longer than 15 minutes. The cystitis with frequent spasms of the urinary organs to be beneficial.

Powerfully berries

In the U.S., they began as early as before the discovery of antibiotics, cranberry juice and chopped cranberries for urinary tract infections. Scientists at Rutgers University in New Jersey, noted in 1998 that the harnwegsdesinfizierende effect goes back to the proanthocyanidins of red berries. These dyes prevent the binding of Escherichia coli bacteria to the cells of the urinary tract. This can not settle in the bladder and kidneys and flushed out with urine. A threat of infection is prevented as in advance. To maximize the impact every day about 400 milliliters of cranberry juice are needed. The Cranberries are the fruit is similar in health food stores as a wild fruit tea, whole fruit and nut juice as a concentrate in capsule form as well as a delicious dried fruit snack in organic quality.

Pumpkin seeds – not just for men

Men are already benefiting from the strength in the long pumpkin seed for the relief of prostate symptoms. Besides potassium, calcium and magnesium, beta carotene and vitamin E contains the core of the pumpkin fruit valuable linoleic acid and phytosterols, which may protect the bladder tissue inflammation. Pumpkin seeds also strengthen the bladder muscles and antispasmodic effect. If that’s too boring cores nibbling can buy in health food store pumpkin seed capsules and delicious pumpkin seed pellets made from a special breeding remedy. It tastes great in cereal, yogurt or applesauce.

Armed with good sun hat

Strengthen your immune system so that the bladder is not only chronically. It makes sense to treatment with Echinacea (coneflower) over several weeks. Whether used as herbal tablets or juice, take echinacea in an increasingly intervals. Observed for fever: Hands off the sun, otherwise the already overactive immune system to cope.