How to cure a tattoo just done. The much-dreamed, thought and wanted the tattoo is done, but before being put on display and raised no problems, better to follow some suggestions and watch carefully for the first few weeks. Nothing too complicated and even risky, but a little ‘attention to rule out the risk of disease and to avoid jeopardizing the artistic result on the skin are a must.

Concluded the tattoo, the tattoo artist carefully cleans the area and disinfects the skin, removing any residual blood or color. After applying a bandage or a special protective film, you can leave the store and specialized care of the tattoo is entrusted to the good sense, good will and a few simple rules. After about three or four hours, at home, you can wash it for the first time since just the tattoo. In order to simply rinse the affected area with a bit ‘of warm water, taking care to cleanse hands first. Gently dab the skin to dry it, let it breathe for a few minutes and then apply a generous layer of soothing cream (as suggested by the tattoo artist).


This procedure must be repeated for at least 15-20 days, the time necessary to ensure the recovery of the full tattoo. The area should be washed once a day and the cream should be applied at least three or four times. If in the early days apply a soothing cream with antibacterial and disinfectant, after the first week you can opt for an emollient and moisturizer such as petroleum jelly, always following suggestions and directions tattoo artist and avoiding DIY. The tattoo should not be bandaged, wrapped or covered. Exceptions are cases where you are in particularly at risk, dirty or full of dust. In this case, better protect your tattoo with a layer of special cream and a cotton bandage or gauze breathable.