The most common causes of the appearance of spurs are bad postures of the foot, as well as the use of inappropriate footwear. This bone problem usually accompanied by plantar fascistic, which is what causes pain especially when walking and you need to visit a doctor to treat ram.

Home RemediesCauses of spurs

Now that you know some natural remedies to heal a spur, we will see why this condition appears. Knowing the causes will help us to prevent bad habits that damage our body health. Here are the main causes of spurs that are more frequent:

Overweight: when people are overweight, overloading the pressure in the heel area and, therefore, it may be one of the causes that appear spurs. An area of ​​the body as small as the heel has to withstand an excess of weight and, therefore, is more susceptible to suffer conditions like this.

Do not step well in walking: there are people walking side or that do not support all the foot when walking and therefore pressure and weight of the body is focused on a particular area of the plant rather than distributed evenly. Therefore, it is important to wear appropriate footwear or the use of templates that correct this malpractice when walking.

People at risk for spurs

It is important to note that the spur is more common in certain types of patients, so that certain groups should take care to the maximum to avoid formation due to the sport. It will therefore be necessary before physical activity visit a podiatrist for instructions if you suffer: You have an injury to the Achilles heel or the calf muscles. Also, do not forget to perform a warm up before any sports this will help you avoid injuries, including the spur.

Templates and splints to heal the spur of the foot

One of the most common treatments Rams is the use of orthotics, which will help reduce pain and correct bone calcification. This specific type of insoles has a softer area in the calcareous area to cushion the foot and reduce the pain in the heel. This is the easiest way to reduce the pain of a ram as you amortiguas pressure when you walk and therefore get better redistribute the impact avoiding all it fall on the affected area. With the templates, we were able to unload the area and, therefore, feel more relief immediately, besides allowing us to walk without inconveniences.

Another good option for treating spurs are night splints with which keep the foot extended and especially the set of the plantar fascia. It is not a recommended treatment at the onset of problems in the calcaneus bone, but should always be supervised by a physiotherapist or medical specialist. In this way, we can cure a problem in the foot, during the hours of sleep without even realizing it.

Reduces activity and rests

It will also be very important that you reduce activities involving overexertion of the foot and lead to pressure on the heel and, therefore, on the spur. In this way, it is recommended to avoid performing that will cause much impact on the calcaneus bone or physical activity such as running.

You have to keep in mind that the less you use this area of ​​the body, the faster you will heal the spur and, therefore, before you will recover your health and well-being. For this reason, it is advisable to reduce physical activity and, if you work or exercise during your workday, try to have the weight of your body distributed on both feet to avoid overloading one of them. Thus, it is advisable to slow you down in your everyday life and reposes full.

Apply cold on the heel

To reduce inflammation and pain you can put yourself ice on the spur. But you should never do it directly on the skin, but cover the ice pack with a cloth or gauze before applying it on the affected area. In addition, there are also cold compresses created especially for this purpose and you can keep in the fridge after use.

Perform stretching will also help in the treatment of ram to reduce and try to eliminate pain. There are exercises specifically indicated for these cases that you can practice yourself at home, helping you with everyday items such as rubber balls, towels or leaning on a table, although there are specific balls for this type of ailments and exercises. Here are some of the best exercises to deal with this condition:

Exercise ball: At any sporting goods, store or a podiatrist can find an exercise ball specially designed to cure a ram. With these balls, you can relax the muscles in addition to getting a circulatory improvement of the blood. To do the exercise just place it under your foot and make it roll from the area of ​​the heel to the fingers, above all, focus on the areas where you suffer the most pain so that the ball gives you a gentle massage that will help you relax the area .

Make stretching in the heel area: to cure spur home remedies is also recommended to do stretching to relax the area to the fullest. To do this, you can stretch your legs and raise your fingers, pulling them towards you; In this way you will notice how the plant stretches to the maximum and how you start to feel less tension. To know in detail, please see our article about the best exercises to treat a heel spur .